Warrriors Nemisis and Rival

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» Thu Dec 23, 2010 5:08 am
Somehow I have a feeling that's bound to happen.

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» Thu Dec 23, 2010 11:12 am
Well he have seen it before where super talented players have either (a) really short careers and then tank or (b) no career, despite all the talent in the world.

Chris Washburn (former Warrior Draft pick from the notoriously drug-laden 1986 draft class) and Maurice Clarett (NFL player whose attitude and immaturity cost him a career). Both players had tons of talent, and could have dominated their sports. Clarrett reminds me a bit like what we see with Cousins, just not focused on the responsibilities in hand and continues to screw it up for himself. One day it will cost Cousins like it did to Clarett. Washburn should have been an all-star for the Warriors, but he went the drug route (as did half that 1986 draft class, ultimately ruining not only Washburn's career before it started, but killing Len Bias, the "answer" to stopping Michael Jordan.

Shawn Kemp could have been a guaranteed hall of famer in my opinion if he (a) laid off the drugs (b) quit having kids with different women (c) lose the weight (d) quit complaining about his contract. All of these things are preventable, but Kemp who might have been a top 3 talent in his generation ruined it prematurely due to his immaturity.

My point is, Cousins has a lot of talent. A lot of it is still raw, but I've seen enough Kings games this year where he can ball it up. And he is only 20 years old, so his potential is pretty good. HOWEVER, he might be the most immature NBA player I've seen. He makes the stupidest fouls, has no clue where to be on set-pieces (plays), and has an attitude with the coaching staff, his teammates, and the media. Not to mention, what he did with the whole "choking" thing a few days ago AND he did a lot of this in High School and College. Ultimately, he is skating on thin ice and one day an incident might happen which ends his career.

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