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PostPosted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 2:59 pm
Hello everyone,

What do you think about the Warriors' New Logo? Is it good or not?

I'm currently conducting a research about the Warriors' new logo and the purpose of this study is to understand the effects of redesigned logo on consumers' attitudes and buying intention. I would really appreciate if you take this survey. It takes less than 5 minutes. Thanks in advance for your attention.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:32 pm
Your mother doesn't love you

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:41 pm
Beast Mode wrote:Your mother doesn't love you

This goes up there with one of the funniest post on the forum for me.

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what is this a joke? of course we love it.. that thunder guy was a disgrace when he was our center court logo.
"Losing is inevitably close to winning," Guber said. "They're inches apart. Drama. If you have drama, you've got a ticket to sell." "They're not real fans," Lacob said. "They don't have season tickets."

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