Would you trade Monta for IGGY?

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» Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:15 am
JREED wrote:is this really new thread worthy? this is basically a rhetorical question. melo would be the answer for all of our problems mainly FT scoring which monta is horrible at for a player of his caliber.

are you serious? the answer for what, 3/4 the season? at least Iggy is signed beyond this year! Oh and he plays at least a little defense....

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» Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:19 am
LilBallerx30 wrote:monta for nash


omg ppl are drunk posting. lets trade a 25 yr old for a 40 yr old are you serious??????? what good is nash going to be in 2, 3 years when(if) we peak as a unit?
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» Sat Dec 11, 2010 6:06 am
hobbes wrote:I agree Nash is god, albeit a god with defensive liabilities, but how many more years does he have left in him, maybe a couple?

That's it, Nash is old and soon to retire. The team does need to trade and I do think Monta is the one to use to get the great player
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» Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:41 pm
what I've noticed is as far as individual defensive talent in the starting lineup...this team is pretty freakin bad...(many defensive teams are a reflection of the coach but many have just good defensive players with natural instinct). it's safe to say that Curry Ellis Lee are arguably one of the worst individual defenders at their respective positions. and the good teams are taking advantage of that weakness.

Curry and Ellis backcourt will get you a few steals, but they are very soft on D. Ellis can't escape from being an undersized SG, and can get just plain lost on the court...he's been that way since he first came into the league. and a Lee/Biedrins front court isn't going to strike fear into any offenses. what I think compensated for this early in the season, was the team's noticeable commitment to help defense, rotating pretty good and covering eachothers back. but, that has seemed to fade especially after David Lee's injury. the W's returned more to bad habits and easy going defense. having Amundson & Udoh active I think should offset and help Lee/Beans...but the backcourt has little help. like Iverson, the team seems to always have to work around Ellis being undersized and that's why I think Ellis' name should be an option to float around the trade waves if the team doesn't win.

when Ellis is hot, he's one of the best scorers in the league. but when he's not, and his offense isn't dominating enough to carry the team (I wouldn't exactly characterize him as 'clutch').....he carries liabilites with his size and defense and team balance AND if the team doesn't win...that's when they should consider trading him for a GOOD player. I just try to look at the positives or negatives a player brings to the team and am left questioning whether his positives are consistent or impacting enough to ignore his liabilities? at least with Curry if his scoring is off, he can still facilitate and get the ball moving. and at least with D Lee if his scoring isn't there, he can usually get you rebounds and double doubles, and has a passing touch. when Ellis isn't scoring, there's not a whole lotta of other stuff he is bringing. Iggy isn't the scorer Ellis is, but he's no slouch. but he does bring a lot of other things Ellis lacks...size, defense, passing, and an alley oop waiting to happen for Curry. I'm thinking if the 76ers are desperate enough and the W's lucky enough, they could nab Iggy for some expirers without even including Ellis.

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