How underrated is passing?

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» Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:36 pm
when you have good passers on your team with good court vision and who WANT to help you score, it makes the game so much easier. how underrated is passing in the NBA? I'd say a lot. superstar scorers get all the attention, but the reason an intn'l team was able to beat a more talented USA team in the past was not because of superstars, but because of team chemistry & passing.

just looking at this W's roster compared to last years Nellie isolation ball, it's astounding the difference in guys who aren't only looking for their own shot.

comparing passers of this year & last year:

Curry - Curry
Ellis > slightly less selfish Ellis
D Wright >>>>> Corey Maggette (one of the worst passers in the game)
D Lee > A. Randolph
Biedrins > injured Biedrins

R Williams > Morrow
J. Lin > CJ Watson
Carney - Azubuike
Gadzuric < Turiaf
B. Wright - B. Wright

also doesn't hurt to have a couple of beast rebounders in the front court

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