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» Tue Aug 17, 2010 2:15 pm Rules
There has been some discussion over the rules (or lack of) on this site so we decided to clear a few things up...

1. No frontal nudity whatsoever.
This includes images and videos posted on the board itself as well as links to off site pornography. Members are free to PM each other whatever they want as long as both parties are OK with the content.

2. No Copyright Protect Material.
This includes links to illegally download material such as music and films. However, Youtube videos are acceptable.

3. Keep the Dialog Civil.
Keep the name calling, derogatory comments and personal attacks to a minimum.

Basically, if you have to ask yourself, if what you're about to post could be considered inappropriate, illegal or offensive - you probably shouldn't hit the submit button. You can always PM one of the mods for confirmation on questionable material.

The mods and site owner do not want to play the big brother role. Regardless of this new set of rules, we are not in anyway attempting to "lay down the law" or change anything around here. We just wanted to clear a few things up.

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