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» Tue Jul 20, 2010 3:44 pm
Riley added Curry - that trumps all of Mullin's moves.

and by no means am I saying that we should keep Riley, just no more Mullin please. To be fair, Riley has done a good job cleaning up the bad contracts that Mullin left behind.
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» Tue Jul 20, 2010 3:50 pm
I was joking about the ban thing. Mullin was starting to head upward when he left, just like some people are getting happy with Riley

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» Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:49 am
I wouldn't care either way for a Nelson and Riley duo as consultant's in the front office. But you'd better believe that new ownership is going to take charge and get their trigger men.
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» Mon Jul 26, 2010 7:14 pm
dareedle wrote:Riley vs Mullin

1. Riley is a veteran NBA scout ... and probably more has more political acumen than the straight forward Mullin.
2. Mullin really tried to go the fences (and his BD/Ellis backcourt with the Al and SJ expiring contracts) may or may not of worked ... but Rowell messed up Mullin decisions (obviously not Riley's fault)
3. Riley moves are wonderful for a number cruncher but he has yielded less and less talent ... going with safer bets but much, much less upside (Cuz vs Udoh) wow what a drop off ... like Shaq vs Manute Bol .... Yao vs Dumpleavy[/b]
4. I am still under the impression that Nellie will get a shot at the beginning of the season for a 9th seed run ... if we are headed to the lottery ... I think he will be quickly canned
5. While our hacks (Barnes, Pietrus, J-Rich, Jackson, Crawford) shine on other teams in post-season we got the likes of Acie Law, Reggie Williams, Gadzuric, Vlade ... seriously we got very little talent left on the roster but a lot cash flow for Guber and Lacob

During summer league and Nellie ejection time or sick days, Smart had a more conventional lineup ... and least used a SF over 6'7" sheesh. He actually used Beans and Turiaf in tandem. Sure that Avery guy and Pops guy who worked with Nellie are sure chumps and worked the exact system.

Don't mean to be too nitpicky, but none of those were really ever options. Unless you count trade with the Wolves of Randolph and #6 this year for the shot to get Cousins, but I think most posters on here agreed that wasn't worth it, unless the pick swap also involved a player like Love which the Wolves weren't willing to do. Yao and Shaq were both #1 picks and at that #1 picks no team in their right mind would give up. We did not have either of those #1 picks. Although Dunleavy and Udoh were both reaches, and could both be busts for us (Jury is out on Udoh, but it doesn't look too good so far).

Definitely agree with getting a new coach that uses a conventional lineup, but don't necessarily that Smart should be the man for the job. Just because he uses properly sized players at their respective postions, does not mean that he's great at exploiting matchups or getting the most out of his players or team. He has not been too successful when being a head coach in NBA games. Maybe he could be good, but I'd rather us go for a more proven coach. Still don't know who I'd want to take over as coach though.

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» Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:34 am ... ers-100726

Golden State Warriors

Forget about anything that happened on the court. They've got new owners!

It doesn't even matter who the new owners are, just that the reviled Chris Cohan is now the old one. The Warriors' phenomenal history under Cohan includes 15 lottery appearances in 16 seasons and an unrivaled track record of building up and then shredding to pieces any talented young player that came through. The sooner the new guys clean house, the sooner the Warriors can start acting like a real NBA franchise again. Golden State's slavishly loyal fans still pack the arena despite all the losing; one can only imagine the local support if the team started winning consistently.

The new owners (Joe Lacob and Peter Guber) did receive some lovely parting gifts from the Cohan gang. I don't like the David Lee deal, but he'll be a heck of a pick-and-roll partner with Stephen Curry. If the Warriors can find some defensive players to put around those two, especially a tough center, and convince a dumb franchise that Monta Ellis is really good (look at his scoring average!), the rebuilding period may be brief.

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» Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:18 pm
I am still confused on the David Lee haters. AR never showed signs of maturity, BW never showed signs of playing healthy, and we missed with major FA and max players Arenas and Brand (I am sure LJ would of pondered the Warriors if we had the cap space) ... unless you really, really like a Zach Randolph or Al Jefferson type ... we can not land a big time PF on the FA market.
Our new owners (if approved) don't have much time to change GM and coach as basketball season will be coming soon, and we need a good basketball system (a little more traditional) before deciding on the major pieces (Biedrins, BW, Ellis) being the biggest question marks. I see two choices for coach (an up and comer with no NBA head coach experience... Keith Smart, Brian Shaw, Mark Jackson ... or a retread).

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