What's the position that needs the most help?

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Which position needs the most improvement on the Warrior's starting 5?

Center - Adonal needs some back-up (or, better yet, lets make HIM a back-up to someone better)
Power Forward - Troy and Ike are decent, but we need someone who's gonna make an impact right away
Small Forward - I'm tired of waiting on Mike, Calbert's too old, and Pietrus needs more development time. We need help.
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Shooting guard - Jason Richardson needs a more capable back-up for when he sits down. Mickael is good, but lets look for other options.
Point Guard - ... honestly, I dunno why you'd pick this one. Baron Davis is an all-star and Fisher would start on pretty much any other NBA team without Bibby, Kidd, Nash, or someone of the like. Explain yourself for picking this.

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» Wed Nov 09, 2005 10:06 pm
i look at stats too, but a lot of the time, i really try to look beyond that and see how players help teams in non-statiscal ways. defense, hustle, leadership, etc.
that beind said, i've been an adonal supporter (not his contract, just his play) for the most part, but at this point, i REALLY like what i see in taft. his softer hands and quicker hops really helped in the chicago game. i remember at least twice where he tipped in two misses for points. i just can't see adonal doing that.

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