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» Sat Sep 05, 2009 11:31 pm
The Coooach wrote:PS: Even if you think I have an unhealthy fixation on Jackson, what business is that of yours?

Not DO.

And what business is it of ours? It's everyone's business since you use every opportunity to talk negatively about Jax ON THIS PUBLIC BOARD. It's your right no doubt. There's no dispute there. But it's OUR right to decide when your crap gets old and tiresome and redundantly ridiculous. I mean after the first thousand times of voicing your displeasure for Jax, you would figure that we'd get it right? Well, obviously not for you. And I suspect we'll hear a thousand more times how you despise jax, his being labeled as "clutch" is a joke, how he's a below average small-forward who wouldn't start on any western conf. team...blah blah blah, snore snore snore...

it's really simple coach. some of us...captain jack and myself specifically, are just sick of your sh*t. It's like seriously coach, SHUTUP already...

I mean I know you're not...that's the life of message board... but f*ck dude...give it a rest...

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» Sat Sep 05, 2009 11:57 pm
Coach, I happen to enjoy reading your posts. While I do not always agree with the content of what you are stating, I do find your views well thought out and have been swayed to look more closely at Jackson's court play.

Your critique of Nelson is also quite spot on.

Coach, keep on posting!
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» Sun Sep 06, 2009 12:45 am
uptempo wrote:Coach, I happen to enjoy reading your posts. While I do not always agree with the content of what you are stating, I do find your views well thought out and have been swayed to look more closely at Jackson's court play.

Your critique of Nelson is also quite spot on.

Coach, keep on posting!

I too would like Coach to continue posting. He is intelligent and can bring a lot to this board. However he's not contributing to the board when he's just repeating the same paragraph over and over and over again, it's the equivalent of spamming.

I understand his opinion of Jack hasn't changed, just as mine hasn't. However I've made the choice to stop posting about the same topic because I have nothing new to add to the conversation, just like Coach has nothing new to add to the conversation at this point in time.

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» Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:20 am
War Years wrote:
uptempo wrote:Is there any merit to this topic?

I do not see any excessive Monta hating on this board or even with the media.

So far, even on this thread, most of the analysis has been quite balanced.

Monta does need to step it up and show some leadership (read: make other players on the team better and mentor the youngsters (pretty funny, since Monta is also a "youngster.")).

Monta does need to improve his defensive skills (read: keep his man from penetrating in the lane and also do better on defensive rotations).

Monta is lethal in the transition game, and can both finish the break with either a layup/dunk or hit the pull-up jumper. He does need to improve his ability to lead the break and hit the open man cutting to the basket.

My main question with Monta centers around his ability to effectively play point guard. It is still an open question.

Smaller players, like Monta, do well playing for Nelson. Remember, Mullin brought Nelson to Golden State not so much to win ball games, but rather to provide us fans with an entertaining brand of basketball. Nelson's entertaining brand of basketball centers around playing 'small ball' and Monta is the best of the small ballers on this roster.

Well put Uptempo, This isn't the first reference to "Hating Monta". And the topic was reasonably discussed then. What is this fascination with Monta that the people who point out his drawbacks are seen as "haters"? Some people can't understand that he's our most tradable player. Nobody's in to giving him away for nothing.

Monta, Monta, Monta
We don't need to escalate
Hate is not the answer
( We'll see if you can dish and fake ) OK, not that good
Hey man, it's August!
What? Jacksons's 420? Coach, I know you are trying to slander Jax, but that actually enhances him in my eyes. Maybe that will help him do less! Remember, Hate is NOT the answer!

It must be selective memory but there has been hate/dislike towards Monta that is easy to see. Hate seems like a strong word but in this content its pretty much saying “dislike”, any ways same difference just had to clear that up.

Yes he had the moped incident, but that was not on purpose that was a freak accident. Just thankful it did not turn out like Jason Williams from the Bulls.

The thing that irks the most with this Monta situation is the fact that people are basing some of their judgments on speculations and acting as though it is 100% truth. Like Monta messing up the draft, Monta wanting out of the town, Monta not taking a picture with the team because he no longer wanted to stay with the team, come to find out he was visiting his mom who was sick. All the talk of Monta complaining but no quotes to back them up, some people wanting to void Monta’s contract. People saying he can’t play the point, but forget that he was Baron’s back-up in that position. People saying he plays horrible horrendous defense, words I never heard while he played with Baron and they lead the NBA in steals, but all of a sudden. Trading Monta strait up for Rubio, (that’s a good 1). All the above stated must be love then not hate, just call me Ray Charles because am so blind then.

Then there is the leadership talk, am with 8th ave on description on Jax (please read that), I watched the games and that’s what I saw, but people write up all kinds of excuse for the guy. He had a chance to show-case his skills and he failed, he shooting percentage was horrible but that’s just stats right ? I call it bad shot selection. And the thing that gets me is people still believe after his outburst that Jax is still a leader, that he did not mean what he said, what ? Dude wants out of the team, I don’t know how much clear that could be.

And then there is talk of trading Monta for an all-star my question is which all-star are we talking about, people need to be specific in that talk because why would any team be willing to give up there all-star for Monta. If that’s the case then bring Lebron to the bay, or if the Magic is willing to move Howard, or Hornets Chris Paul or Jazz Deron Williams for Monta then lets get it done. Come on folks lets get real none of the teams will trade Monta for their all-star. So if there is an all-star out there that the warriors can get for Monta then that’s a good look for the warriors, but if you are going to mention that please be specific on that.

Look at the warriors roster, its filled with journey men, 2nd rate scrubs, undrafted d-leaguers, look at that roster and tell me you are impressed, and find a realistic solution to fixing it, until then am willing to wait and see what Monta does, if it does not work out then I can understand wanting to move him, but he has proved himself enough that am willing to wait for the up-coming season. We want to make our team better don’t we, we need to add better players around AR and Monta, not dismantle, there are better candidates that need to leave the team. Again folks go look at our roster and tell me if you are impressed.

And last, if a person has evidence on backing up a subject whats the point in limiting what they have to say, just as long as the evidence is rational then ok. WE are Fanatics (fans) for the warriors why limit what we say ?
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» Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:40 pm
carlgo wrote:Oh, and 8th Ave, are you on Courvoiseur's sales staff? It was clever to subliminally show that cognac, knowing that the super-butt would attract us.

I want to be her oil boy.

lol... hahaha... nah man im not... that was just coincidence... i didnt even know what u were talking about until i looked at the picture again

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