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Andris pf? and Big Scorer's Value

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:20 pm
by beatman

has anyone given any thought to this other than me? i think he is a true pf and would thrive with another big man there. i understand this may create problems with other players on the team (randolph wright), but my scenario is this:

get the third pick in the draft.
if we can give up wright and our pick (and probably another player)
this will secure us either rubio or thabeet.
rubio scenario = obvious, and thabeet may be the center we need to bring defense and more rebounding. i know nellie is a short man freak, but in theory, i see the warriors cleaning up on the boards with andris the starting pf and a defensive minded/rebound hog center in the middle.

is it me or will that pan out good either way for the w's?


i also think holding on to maggette for a little longer could pay off. maggette and a bench player (kurz) could POSSIBLY get us a mid/late first round pick from a desperate team like the hornets (they really need another consistent scorer!) or spurs. this could be the same for jack or crawford too. there are a few teams in the NBA that need one more explosive scorer to help get their team "over the hump" they are currently stuck at. (hornets, spurs, jazz?, hawks?) i think that if these teams believe they will make it deep into the playoffs with the player offered and have a good chance at winning it, they will pull the string and give us their late first rounder (likely with a bench player(s) ie. marco, kurz maybe even buke).
do you all think this is possible or likely? i know if i were the hornets i would try and get jack to come play the sf along with some bench help (they need it bad). jack would spread the floor and moves the ball well and could make their team a contender. meanwhile the warriors would finally get rid of the old guys so randolph, marrow and buke can take over already!!!

let me know what you all think of the different "theories"! thanks

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:23 pm
I think you are extremely overvaluing the talent that is on this team. Maggette and Kurz would not get a first round pick. I don't think Wright's trade value is too high right now, and I don't think Biedrins would be the ideal PF.

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 3:42 pm
by bada
first of all welcome to the board beatman and thanks for putting this in the proper forum :D

As far as Theory 1 goes, a frontline of Thabeet and AB is Nelson's worst nightmare. And not because Nelson is a "short man freak" as you put it. I think the Nelson/Small Ball thing is a misnomer. Nelson is not opposed to size... he is ALL about creating offensive mismatches... specifically perimeter mismatches. Over the years Nelson has been very imaginative and at times gone pretty big to create mismatches. He does NOT worry how his team will defend the oppostion, but rather how THEY will defend us.

I think the last couple of years he has grown tired and has become lazy and has stuck to the small ball play because the roster was loaded with swing men and it is easier to find smaller players to fit into his system than to find bigs with good passing and perimeter skills.

Nelson flat out said last year that he hated to play Turiaf and AB at the same time because he loses too much offense. And Turiaf is 10 times the offensive player of Thabeet.

While it is a nice thought to have great interior defense and rebounding, it goes against everything Nelson is as a coach.

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:11 pm
by MCJackintheBox
i agree with bada, in that i don't think nelly dislikes big men per se, he just doesn't like big guys that can't shoot the outside shot.

as much as i love andris, he's got no offensive game right now (unless you count put backs and pick and rolls). he's got no post up game, and lord knows he's got no outside shot. i do think with some coaching, he can certainly improve in these areas. and to put things in perspective, Superman (dwight howard) has been accused of the same things i've pointed out about andris.

i think the perfect scenario for nelly would be to have 5 hedo turkoglus. hell, i'd be happy with one. :)

hedo is the poor man's dirk, and we all know nelly's mancrush for dirk.

Posted: Wed Jun 03, 2009 7:21 pm
by first off
I just looked up true power forward in the dictionary, it has a picture of David West's mug right next to it....

andris Is a center. He shot the ball on avg, closer to the rim than ANYONE ELSE IN THE LEAGUE last year. that means he beat out the likes of Shaq, Dampier, Oden etc.

Defensively, If guards anyone quicker or stronger than him, he will foul out in the blink of an eye.

his one big plus is that he can rebound like nobody's business, you want him to guard big slow centers that hang around the basket, so that when a shot goes up, he's there to rebound it.

he is a center.