Mullin’s fate is sealed By Tim Kwackami.

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» Thu Mar 12, 2009 5:52 pm
Non-shock Warriors update: Mullin’s fate is sealed, Cohan isn’t selling, Ellis is under the microscope
Posted by Tim Kawakami on March 12th, 2009 at 2:06 pm

Can’t wait to see dozens of anti-me/pro-Nelson-Rowell-TV announcer commenters blasting me for repeating what they already know, but that is the grand fun of this extended enterprise.

And as I’ve said before, to my continued surprise, the entries that produce the most comment-fury almost always also produce the highest viewership totals. So please, RR and your allies, fire away, as always. I know you can’t help yourselves.

So let’s do a quick re-cap of some things that aren’t any shockers in any way, but have become quite crystal clear in the last few weeks or days, and with the Warriors these days, clarity is a rare thing…

* At the start of training camp, there was probably a 40% chance that Chris Mullin would come back as the Warriors chief after the expiration of his original five-year contract this June.

About a month into the season, as tensions continued to mount and Robert Rowell and Mullin separated further, that chance dropped below 20%.

A few weeks ago, I was thinking there was something like a 5% chance of Mullin returning to the Warriors for 2009-2010 just ’cause nobody was truly absolutely ruling out, so you give them wiggle room. Not any more, though.

Now… from the conversations I’ve had with league sources who know the situation, it’s clear that there is basically 0% chance of Mullin returning to the Warriors once his contract runs out in June.

In the past, I’ve heard assumptions that Rowell wanted Mullin out, but around the league, executives heard nothing definitive. No hard word from the Warriors that Mullin for sure was done.

But now… Rowell and Co. aren’t trying to hide the decision. Mullin is out. Warriors management is not even considering bringing him back. Mullin gives no indication that there’s a clear path to bring him back, if that was a possibility.

Rowell and Chris Cohan are eyeing assistant GM Larry Riley or perhaps someone else, obviously with Don Nelson very much involved.

Mullin has very little reason to want to return, either, as long as Rowell is the man and Nelson is in charge and Rowell and Nelson have tied up the team with those ungainly long contracts.

It’s over. Certainly, that’s not breaking news. I know you know that. I know it has been fairly obvious for months. The Rowell Loyalists probably have been planning a Dump Mullin Celebration for two years now, who knows.

But I hadn’t heard that it was over-over-OVER, no chance at all for some miraculous settlement of Mullin/Rowell/Nelson grievances. That is, until recently.

Now, it’s over.

* There are zero indications that Cohan is thinking of selling his 80% stake in the team.

You always hear rumors about a potential Cohan sell-off, mostly because not many people know what the heck is on his mind, ever. He’s a shy guy and he does tons of dumb stuff, so who knows what he’s thinking?

Hey, Cohan’s so private that he could be putting together his sales pitch now, and nobody would know until the deal was swung. So I’m giving him room for some impulsive move.

The team certainly isn’t set up to make money for the next few years, and he has taken deserved public heat and will take more in the future…

But I’ve checked around and I’ve heard nothing that leads anyone to believe that he’s ready to sell.

Cohan is not the type of guy to sell low–and believe me, the price would be low if he put the Warriors on the market right now.

* Weird timing on the Marcus Williams waiving earlier this week. Just tells you that the Warriors can’t ever do things normally and that he and Rowell don’t always agree, either.

I’ve heard for a while that Nelson has been trying to get the Warriors to waive Williams since the beginning of the season. People around the league actually told me Williams was all but waived a few times–back in late-October, when the opening roster was put together and then right after the Al Harrington-Jamal Crawford trade.

What happened? I heard that Rowell interceded both times. That management wanted to make sure Nelson didn’t always get his way, which is why Rob Kurz was waived initially (to keep Williams on the initial roster).

Of course, Nelson eventually got his way: Kurz was brought back. Williams was still kept around–under Rowell’s orders–but Nelson refused to play him.

Now, with a month left to play, Rowell finally relented and let Nelson waive Williams. My guess is that Rowell wanted to take a last shot at Mullin, who made the Williams deal, and that Rowell finally agreed with Nelson that Williams was not enough of a loyalist in the locker room.

* Monta Ellis is playing point guard. The Warriors haven’t dropped their insistence that they have a right to void the remainder of his six-year, $66M deal.

I don’t know if a move to void would hold up in arbitration (and Ellis’ grievance over the 30-game suspension and void possibility is still pending), but I know Warriors management is considering it, with a possible June deadline for making the decision.

So Ellis understands that. He wants to play point guard. Nelson wants to see if he can play point guard. Nelson knows that he can’t go with a backcourt of Ellis and Crawford, so he’s happy to nudge Crawford out the door, if he can. Crawford understands this, though he’s keeping cool. He’s not a troublemaker.

Just remember that all this stuff is still bubbling. Sometimes it comes out from beneath the surface. Sometimes it just stays under, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
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» Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:06 pm
I don't understand how a person could possibly get paid to write such drivel. There isn't a single quote in that entire article, sourced or otherwise... Sure, Mullin is probably on his way out . . . but what does this article actually present, other than yet another smarmy jumble of slights against various team members? I hate some of the stuff the team has done lately (or, more specifically, the things Rowell/Cohan/Nelson have done) but I'm not about to try to stir up rumors and nonsense like Tim does every time he publishes something.

I want new management BADLY; IMO even if we kept Nellie around but Cohan sold and we replaced Rowell and extended Mullin, we'd get a serious productivity boost. I don't think Nellie is the root of the problem; IMO think he is taking advantage of poor executive decisions and corrupt administrative within the franchise. IMO here is what needs to happen to get some positive mojo pumping through the veins of the Warriors faithful:

1.) Cohan needs to sell. Get a new owner who isn't such a politician. I know there are probably worse owners than Cohan, but he's definitely down there toward the bottom of the list.

2.) Fire Rowell. He's a two-faced, corrupt, greedy, spineless sycophant. What has he done for us? Kick this chump to the curb, STAT.

3.) Extend Mully before he's gone for good. I know some people question the benefit of keeping him around, and I've seen arguments to show why he isn't the savior so many fans consider him to be. But there's no denying he's made some great moves for us, and I think there's so much potential if he's allowed to actually do his job free of influences/restrictions from the higher management.

4.) Look into Nellie. Personally if we could somehow work out the above (pipe dream, I know) I wouldn't mind keeping Nellie around until his contract expires... It's pretty short and I still think he could do some good around here. That said I would not hesitate to replace him with some other guys floating around the league.

5.) Hire a hitman and get rid of Kawakami. :mrgreen:
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» Thu Mar 12, 2009 7:14 pm
Thanks for this OG, good to see you around here and contributing.

man, just like the article says, we all know it was coming. Leave it to TK and his flair for the dramatic to make it sound like A Streetcar Named Desire. F*ck!!! I'll miss Mullin. He made some mistakes, as would any GM, but he is a true Warrior if there ever was one. RR and Cohan will burn is hell for that one...
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» Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:13 am
Mullin has been out since the past offseason... TK probably had nothing else to write about at the time and needed a quick way to fill his article.

As for Monta, I don't think they have any right to void his contract anymore. Not after he's already come back. They had a case right after his injury, not now. If they want to void the contract at this point, it's gonna cost the team millions as compensation.

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» Fri Mar 13, 2009 12:59 am
I agree fellas, I'm pissed off about the the Mullin situation....
Robby Rowell is a Prik :!:

It was a wrap when Mullin didn't get the early extension But Nellie did & Rowell's EGO took over the operation with Mullin's decisions being overrode & voided ie (Baron),(Monta's punishment),(S Jax Extension) Or put to use like (M Will)+(AR)..

Also why was Mullin's Asst GM fired, then replaced with Nellie's Asst Coach :scratch:

Mullin is outta here, Rowell is the reason & it looks like Nellie didn't help the situation :banghead:
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» Fri Mar 13, 2009 1:12 am
I agree with Broe. Mullin's fate was sealed once Nelson got the extension. It just proved the management was on Don's side over Chris'. It was either or for them. And by a wide margin, it was Don.

This franchise had a chance. But the corruption has screwed it over. Mullin was going to be the savior. He was going to run the front office smoothly with little to bar none corruption. But it all failed once Rowell became egotistical, Nelson became stubborn once again, and Cohan stayed selfish. I have nothing against any of the players. Because they're just doing their job. It's those idiots in the administration f*cking it all up.

It's like living a never ending nightmare of having ex-President Bush as the complete dictator of the country. Except, in this case, it's in the form of a three-headed monster with little hope for someone to slay the creature.
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» Sun Mar 29, 2009 10:14 pm
i still love watching the warriors... but i hate what is going on with management. ill just wait to see what happens during the draft and offseason n thats it.

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