Time to admit mistake on Jason Richardson-Brandan Wright tr

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» Fri Aug 01, 2008 9:08 pm
migya wrote:I was one of the most disappointed people on here when JRich got traded for BWright. I was one of the few who understood and supported the trade back in 1991 of Mitch Richmond for Billy Owens, as Owens was multi talented and filled a need, going on to play well his rookie season and then unfortunately being injury riddled from then on, and Marciolionis being a very good replacement at SG. Most people on here completely disliked that trade from the RunTMC days but were very positive on this trade of JRich for BWright, though I had stated the guy was at least three years from being a capable contributor. I became a bit more positive about BWright because he could definately be the guy that fills the PF need for the team and still do by the way, but he seems out of favour and if he didn't perform well in the Summer League, then it doesn't look good for his future as an nba player. I still have hope for him but he has to get oppportunity and that likely won't happen this season again so waiting will again be the trend.

In all, JRich almost had to go in order to keep Monta and Biedrins BUT if you look now, Maggette just got signed for 10 million a season, for five seasons, and that is slightly under what JRich is getting, so really, JRich could still be here and it would have no affect on the team's financial situation. This maybe shows more how Maggette is not a good fit and shouldn't be here but also shows how things have changed.

BWright could still be good on the team and worth the trade but right now it is looking highly doubtful

Yeah, but the reason why we had the money for Maggette, Monta, Biedrins, and other players was because not only Jason's contract was gone, but so was Baron's. So we had to drop both contracts in order to execute those moves this past offseason.
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» Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:37 pm
if we compare them now, of coz J-rich will look better than wright but why W's made this trade is because they maybe see something that J-rich don't have....just give wright 2-3 years to develop and then we can say who's got the better deal.... :wink:

a lot articles just paying attention for what happen now but not what will happen in the future, well i don't blame them coz they being paid for what they writing eventhough is nonsense and bluffing blah..blah..blah... :mrgreen:

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