Davis analyzes now but aspires to play next year

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» Fri May 06, 2005 8:54 am
By Jonathan Okanes, CONTRA COSTA TIMES

Baron Davis is looking forward to appearing as a guest on the pregame and halftime shows during ABC's coverage of the NBA playoffs Sunday. But quite frankly, he doesn't have aspirations to do it again next postseason.

"I probably won't be doing this," Davis said, "because I'll be playing."

Davis hopes the Warriors will be participating in the playoffs at this time next season, something that seems a real possibility after the team went 14-4 down the stretch to boost hopes for next year. The Warriors' late-season surge coincided with Davis' arrival in a trade in February.

For now, Davis is limited to just analyzing the playoffs. He will join Mike Tirico, Bill Walton and Steve "Snapper" Jones in studio to provide analysis.

"I used to take speech and debate in high school and we had to perform little skits and stuff," Davis said. "I've always found it entertaining to speak in front of people. And I like talking basketball with the guys."

ABC was interested in Davis after his work on ESPN during last year's All-Star weekend. Davis served as a sideline reporter for the All-Star celebrity game.

"He has a great personality with great charisma," said Mark Mayer, producer of ABC's NBA studio shows. "When you want an opinion from current players, you want somebody to represent them in an entertaining way. Some guys' personalities just pop out on the screen. It's difficult to quantify it, but you know it when you see it."

Davis is only 26 and presumably still has a long playing career ahead of him. When it's over, he said broadcasting could be in his future.

"It's something I would consider doing," Davis said. "It's easy on the body and it still involves basketball. It would be an opportunity to continue to be a part of the game."

Davis also is appearing on ESPN2's morning show, "Cold Pizza," on Monday.

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