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» Wed Apr 20, 2005 10:04 am
By Garrett Wilson
Apr 19, 2005, 22:11

Much has been made of the Warriors torrid play in the closing weeks of the season. But is it really a good thing? We’ll let Good and Evil decide:

GOOD: You have to be excited about the way this team is playing together. The winning streak really shows the potential that the Warriors have for next season and sets the stage for a potential play-off run.

EVIL: The only thing the winning streak sets the stage for is another let down. This is the same thing that happens every year. Hapless Warrior fans look for any ray of hope they can find to convince themselves the team won’t suck AGAIN next year. When are they going to learn? The Warriors haven’t made the play-offs in eleven years. That’s a more than a freaking decade!!! For Chris Mullin’s sake, 16 teams make the play-offs every year. There are only 30 teams. More than half the league makes the play-offs and the Warriors are never one of them. That is pathetic!

GOOD: True, that is a disappointing figure to consider. But the past is the past, why not look towards the future. Golden State has a lot of young players with loads of untapped potential. Pietrus is much improved. Zarko showed that he can bring lots of energy and Biedrins looks better every time out.

EVIL: Untapped potential? Isn’t that just a nice way to say that they have talent but have no idea how to use it? Haven’t people been hyping Mike Dunleavy Jr.’s “untapped potential” for three years? The same Mike Dunleavy Jr. who tapped his potential for a whopping 13 points per game this year? Yipppeee!!!!

GOOD: Well, not everyone develops as quickly as expected. This team is still very young though and they now have a taste for winning. The team should start the year hungry and hopefully com flying out of the gates. Lots of teams in the West are going to be down next year and the Warriors should have a window of opportunity to end their play-off drought.

EVIL: This all sounds VERY familiar. Wasn’t everyone saying the same thing after last season? Yeah, you are right, the Warriors reeeeeeeeally came flying out of the gates this year when they started 0-6. That’s the kind of effort you like to see from play-off teams.

GOOD: Let’s also not forget that the Warriors still have an opportunity to make improvements in the off-season. They have several tradable assets, can sign free agents as well as a lottery pick in the draft.

EVIL: Tradable assets? Like who? Dunleavy is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Useless. The only team stupid enough to take on Adonal Foyle’s contract is the Knicks, but all their players either have terrible contracts and/or no talent whatsoever. Chris Cohan is too cheap to add any payroll in the off-season, so I wouldn’t exactly hold my breath for Michael Redd, Zydrunas Ilgauskas or even Mark Madsen to be sporting a Golden State uniform next year. And thanks for reminding me about the lottery pick. Two months ago we looked like a mortal lock to get Andrew Bogut or Marvin Williams. But noooooooooooo, the Warriors had to put together a meaningless winning streak and are now staring at the #10 pick, placing them in the perfect position to draft the 21st century version of Todd Fuller or Chris Washburn or Cliff Rozier or whatever worthless stiff the Warriors are so fond of drafting.

GOOD: The Warriors have actually drafted rather well the last few years though, so there is reason for hope. Plus Baron Davis and Derek Fisher are each veterans with play-off experience, which should allow them to guide the team to success.

EVIL: Yeah, a lot of good all that play-off experience is going to do the team when Davis hurts himself for the umpteenth time, then the W’s are right back where they started from.

GOOD: At the very least, Golden State should not be as bad the Lakers.

EVIL: Nobody is as bad as the Lakers. I mean, if Larry Bird was the Basketball Jesus, does that make Kobe Bryant the Basketball Anti-Christ?

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