Assistant Coaches ! Could we land Rick Barry ?

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Do you want Rick Barry as an Assistant

Yes . Does the year 1975 ring a bell >?
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No. His a loose cannon who can't be controlled ?

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» Mon Jun 14, 2004 10:22 pm
I like to speculate every offseason when the talk is of a new coach . But could Rick Barry be content into stepping back into his home and work alongside Mike Montgomery to lead the Warriors to be the 2005 NBA champs. Does Mullin have the gutsy gut feel to make an even bolder move then his choice of bringing in Montgomery as head ? Would Rick Barry play the assistant role

Well i was reading in a "Hoops" i think Dec 2001. that Rick Barry wanted to coach in the nba as either a head or an assistant. he highlighted his stellar career at golden State . but would he want to come back , would he be welcomed back !

I think this would be the best move for the Warriors offseason , Is it going to happen ? You tell us Chris, at least one of you KRS running the front office ?


PS: no a seperate note see Toronto is looking at potential candidates Musselman and Michigan State HEAD Izzo . i wonder with a move such as this if Jrich could get shipped. I hope not JRICH IS THE FUTURE !
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» Tue Jun 15, 2004 1:02 am
I also like the breakdown of roles our new front office has, to me Chris Mullin seems like the guy whose gonna pull the trigger , but we got hot rod as general manager , so does this mean Chris Mullin might spend some time on the bench as an Assistant.

I think the 2 years as a special assistant was good, hopefully he has learned many facets of the Front Office. Lets hope he is an integral part in all areas of our basketball club

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» Wed Jun 16, 2004 10:37 pm
monty has to have the right to hire his own assistants. its imperative to the success of any coach, and i'm sure monty made sure he had this power before agreeing to come here.

i'd like to see barry as a special assistant with the franchise. first of all, i believe you should keep your past stars in the organization. look at the giants with mays, bobby bonds, etc (basically barry bonds' extended family :) ). i'm not saying make them gm (too late) but keep them around, keep contact w/ your past. secondly, barry can teach these guys quite a bit. he's been there and done that, and the players probably have some respect for his opinion because of that. who better to teach our young swingmen how to shoot and play team ball than a hall of famer at the same position who allegedly excelled at those very things?

i don't want him as an assistant coach because he wants to be head coach. he might end up undermining monty, especially if monty isn't working out too well.

in the end, i dont think he'd leave knbr for anything other than a hc job, or a good shot at one (a next in line assistant type gig).

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