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What do you think about this scheme?

I agree, develope the young roll players while letting the Big Three heal up (and get a better pick).
Hell No, we should try and win out the rest of the way
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Doesn't matter because BD will go down anyways (as is the luck of the franchise)

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» Fri Feb 25, 2005 3:35 pm
This won't be a popular idea, but I say we tank the season and rest the Big Three. J-Rich still has lingering injuries; Baron's back, knees, and ankles are not 100%; and Murphy just came back from a broken finger. I know we haven't won much and as fans want to take advantage of the first real hope we've had in years, but I still think we should tank the season. Just hear me out.

The big three will play 23 minutes each. In those 23 minutes, they'll play together along with Dunleavy to learn each other's traits and develop some comraderie for 2005-06.

At PG we have 25 minutes left; 15 go to Fisher, 10 go to Dunleavy.
At SG we have 25 minutes left; those go to Pietrus.
At PF we have 25 minutes left
At C we have 48 minutes left
At SF we have 18 left; 10 go to Pietrus, we have 8 minutes left

The 81 minutes left at SF, PF and C are split amongst Three Euro's, White and Foyle.
So each of those guys gets 16 minutes.

In the End
Davis - 23 minutes (all at PG)
J-Rich - 23 minutes (all at SG)
Murphy - 23 minutes (all at PF)
Dunleavy - 40 minutes (30 at SF, 10 at PG)
Pietrus - 35 minutes (25 at SG, 10 at SF)
Tskitishvili - 16 minutes (8 at PF, 8 at C)
Cabarkapa - 16 minutes (4 at PF, 12 at C)
Biedrins - 16 minutes (5 at PF, 11 at C)
White - 16 minutes (8 at SF, 8 at PF)
Foyle - 16 minutes (all at C)
Fisher - 15 minutes (all at PG)

Cheaney doesn't play - sorry but your not a big part of the young core, maybe we work a buyout and you can sign with a playoff team that needs a shooter (Miami?)

We let the Big Three play together with Dunleavy a little bit but allow them to heal up for next year. We give Pietrus and Dunleavy HUGE minutes to continue their development. And we see what Tskitishvili, Cabarkapa, Biedrins and White can do. If we like Tskitishvili and White, we can keep them. If not they can go and we'll go with Cabarkapa and Biedrins. We'll probably lose all but like 10 of our remaining games, but really what's the difference between a 20 win season and 30 game season? We get a better chance at a higher draft pick to add yet another piece to the puzzle (Plllllleeeeeassse give us a Center) and then we take the NBA by storm next year behind three healthy studs and a more developed supported cast.

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» Fri Feb 25, 2005 4:05 pm
I completely understand your reasoning, it even crossed my mind for a second...but...I dont think bombing the season would be good for the NBA. Once the hawks, bobcats & hornets catch on they'd start doing the same and itd be a shame. I do wish tho that we get a suprise #1 lottery pick.
» Fri Feb 25, 2005 4:08 pm
the warriors should destroy as many teams possible.
I can't wait until we play the lakers

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» Fri Feb 25, 2005 6:48 pm
dsigns wrote: dont think bombing the season would be good for the NBA. Once the hawks, bobcats & hornets catch on they'd start doing the same and itd be a shame. I do wish tho that we get a suprise #1 lottery pick.

That's exactly how San Antonio landed Duncan. They lost David Robinson for the year and started losing every game. Robinson was good, but it wasn't like he was their entire team. It's true that rarely doesn't the absolute worst team get the best pick, but if you look at it. If they give the worst team 25% of the balls( or watever "possiblities" they use to determine the draft order) that still means there is a 75% chance that another team will get it. So I'd still go for the bomb and hope you can luck out with the number one pick. This year is pointless, and we shouldn't risk injuring 3 key cogs playing meaningless games. Let's develope the young guys and see what we need to tweak this off-season.
:) Can't wait till 2005-06

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