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What's your take on Musselman??

He's gone this week
He's gone in the next month or so
He deserves to coach next season

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» Fri Apr 23, 2004 5:35 pm
uteptwostep wrote:I'm not arguing for him as a head coach or anything, I'm just wondering if he's the type of assistant that quietly makes a team much more effective. If Muss is fired, I'm guessing Sterner would follow him wherever he goes.

I think there is no doubt that Sterner goes if (when) Muss does. Most, if not all of the staff would go. I think during his time in Atlanta, Muss was said to be the "brains" behind Lon Kruger. Or atleast the players responded more to Musselman than to Lon. Something like that. So you just never know, is all I'm saying.
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» Sun May 16, 2004 9:20 pm
I think you will find all this "FIRE MUSS" politics is just plain old nba properganda, They are floating the idea for say July1 when players can speak to teams, I mean think about it , the biggest superstar since Michael Jordan wants to leave a 3 title tentership with the Lakers so he can become the man in greener pastures.

For a "Coachfire" speculation this puts us in a good position for signing potential free agents such as Kobe. The kid or whatever NBA star looking for the Bay is to ask about the coach , You can tell em what they want to hear .

KOBE: SO Chris, I really like Golden St but what's the deal with EMUSS

Mullin: It's simple kiddo, we heard you wan to don the famous Blue and Gold , So we sent that ****ing stoopid Hobbit and sent him on the 1st bus back to middle Earth, But have you met the new coach , MR Byron Scott.

If the player griping bout MUSS is true do you think Warriors management are gonna have an easy time marketing the Bay to Bryant.
But if Bryant don't come and they fire Muss, Hell tell me another coach whose gonna win ya 37 wins in the west !

I say we keep the little Playoff Virgin, I think Muss would be a good big game winner. I do as well Question many of the substitution patterns , but i also do remember the Warriors Front Office harping at the start of the season talking bout a rotation of Someones Weakness plays well with the other mans Strengths , That can explain why Murphy's weakness of injury lead to Robinson 40mpg cause thats his strength !
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» Thu May 20, 2004 7:16 am
The board knows all! :)

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» Thu May 20, 2004 9:55 pm
[quote="GSWbandwagon"]...personally, i hope they extend muss 1 year and give him some constructive criticism very privately. muss' faults are in areas where he can easily improve. a coach can learn how to handle a rotation better. his strengths are things that are harder to teach, like being able to keep a team from quiting on you despite injuries, turmoil, and a losing record (many much more accomplished coaches have failed in this regard). quote]

Well said, GSW. Musselman is young and someone like Larry Brown has been around for ages and has proven to the public that he can develop a team. There are some coaches that aren't great but they just end up with Superstar players (i.e., P. Jackson - Yes, I know he has been around for ages but, well, he gets teams that are "ready-made" for playoffs).

E.M. needs another season. I, too, appreciate what he has done for GS. I agree about rotations. Sometimes, for example, Jamison had his bad days last season and just needed to sit out some minutes.

With injuries, lackadaisical players (i.e., Van Exel - although good, his heart isn't in it) and and a questionable trade (then again, I really didn't like Bobby Sura - so, we can ex that), E.M. has done well for someone quite "green" in coaching. And the later has much to do with management, not coaching. He has so much potential but how can that be developed without another season. The team seemingly has a rapport with him. What now, another coach to grow accustomed to? This season was definitely not a good measure of what he is capable of.

If someone could please explain, nicely, why you think E.M. didn't have a good rapport with the team, that would great? Something I didn't see...

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» Thu May 20, 2004 10:54 pm
[quote="QueenBee"]What now, another coach to grow accustomed to? This season was definitely not a good measure of what he is capable of.

That's a good point. Nobody has really mentioned the ridiculous injuries the Warriors have had this season. Every team has injuries, fair enough, but not the way the Warriors have had, not with their star players out virtually all season, having to field a point guard who's almost as old as the coach, and having to rely on emergency signings to run the offense. Yet the Warriors weren't that far out of the hunt for a playoff spot. With 1 or 2 less injuries, certainly at point guard, then GS would have made the playoffs.

Muss did a lot for the team, regardless of what anybody says. As was pointed in out in another thread, he has restored the dignity to a franchise that was, quite frankly, a laughing stock and seen as an easy road victory by virtually every team in the League. That's no longer the case, and I feel that to disregard the fine work he has done for GS and bring in somebody new, somebody who as QueenB says the players have to get accustomed to again, is ridiculous. How can a coach build a successful team, mould it into the way he expects basketball to be played, if he has only 2 seasons, and after the first his best players leave, and a whole set of new ones come in, and during the 2nd his best players are crippled. Stability is what this outfit needs, I only hope that they stick with the new coach for long enough so that he can build a team, in much the same way that Flip Saunders has done at the Wolves. I believe that Muss could have brought playoff Basketball to the bay area next year, as it stands now, I'm very doubtful.

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