Sac. Queens stink it up when we need them.

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» Sat Mar 31, 2007 8:59 pm
xbaywarrior wrote:
migya wrote:
TMC wrote:
xbaywarrior wrote:The Suns rallied from 18 down to beat the Nuggets. They're still a mystery. The Clips are on fire, the Nuggets are a huge question mark. Only 1 1/2 back from the Clips and 2 1/2 games back from the Nuggets. Anything is possible boys. I believe!


I doubt anyone really believed the Kings could have won this one. They're already out of everything. It was more hope than anything.

Quite the opposite. The way Artest played, the Kings believe they still have a chance and so they should because Artest can make all the difference. They came back from alot and almost won

The way Bibby was shooting, I doubt they had a chance. Martin was solid, Artest came alive, if Bibby hit at least 25% more of the shots he missed, they may have got that W.

Yea, Bibby was pretty awful and had he just been decent, they would have won. The Clippers are playing more games against top teams then the Warriors are so hopefully that will translate to more losses for the Clippers at the end

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