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» Mon Mar 19, 2007 7:40 pm
That guy's a pessimist
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» Mon Mar 19, 2007 7:52 pm
I do recall having 13 as an unlucky number. Lucky 13... Friday the 13th. Uh... which one is the right one? Either way, the Warriors are going to end up with one of those by the time their record reaches to 82 games.
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» Mon Mar 19, 2007 11:48 pm
a fool, really. he doesn't even get facts right. Ws are up on the clips and are 32-36, not 32-37...clips have no healthy point guard and 8 road games...it's the ws to lose at this point. Who the HELL would have said that 2 weeks ago?
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» Tue Mar 20, 2007 5:13 am
coltraning wrote:a fool, really. he doesn't even get facts right. Ws are up on the clips and are 32-36, not 32-37...clips have no healthy point guard and 8 road games...it's the ws to lose at this point. Who the HELL would have said that 2 weeks ago?

That's it! They have turned it around and it a real change from the usual

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» Tue Mar 20, 2007 5:09 pm
aaustria wrote:Playoffs not in cards for Warriors
John Devine Just a thought
Don't be fooled: Global warming is not changing the Warriors' fate.

So don't let the Warriors' recent hot streak convince you that their playoff drought -- now in its 12th year -- is about to end.

At least the Warriors do have us talking about them again. Yet, it seems this time each spring the Warriors provide hope and create expectations for the future, only to fall short. When the pressure's off they seem like a promising team, but hey, the pressure is about to intensify.

OK, I guess this season's hope has value. At least the Warriors have got our attention for the stretch drive.

But are they creating false expectations?

I mean, these are the Warriors, whose No. 1 draft pick this past year -- a lottery pick, mind you -- is playing in Bakersfield in the developmental league.

As for the stretch drive, eight of Golden State's final 14 games are against teams who appear headed to the playoffs.

Did I also mention that seven of the Warriors' final 14 are on the road? Have you taken a look at how many wins the Warriors have on the road this year? SEVEN.

At 32-37 after Saturday's game and in the mix for the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference, it's a safe bet the Warriors will have to at least split their final 14 games to overtake the Clippers for that No. 8 spot.

I wouldn't mortgage the house on that happening, but I wouldn't stop reading about them either.

Ironically, two of the Warriors' road wins this season have come against Dallas and Detroit, the two best teams in their respective conferences.

And of the Mavericks 11 losses this season, two have come from Golden State.

Go figure.

I suspect if there is one team Dallas doesn't want to see in the first round, it would be the Warriors, who have won the last three meetings dating back to last season.

Hey, let's not get too carried away.

Gimmicks don't work in crunch time. And gimmicks are Don Nelson's specialty. He uses his talent with lineup shuffles.

But is it necessary down the stretch now that the Warriors are at full strength?

This is a team with options.

Andris Biedrins is the best post player the Warriors have had since Nelson ran Chris Webber out of town 12 years ago, the last time they made the playoffs.

And is there a more athletic team than the Warriors, except for Phoenix?

I have to admit, seeing the Warriors with all their parts in place for the first time all season is intriguing. You don't whoop up on the best team in the NBA (Dallas) by luck.

Seeing Jason Richardson and Baron Davis healthy creates -- dare I say? -- belief. Still something isn't right.

Maybe it's Nelson, who I still hold accountable for the Warriors 12-year absence from the postseason.

He is the one who shipped Webber off in a dispute after a 50-win season, then walked out on the team after a horrific first half, citing fatigue.

Perhaps he came back to redeem himself.

Warriors fans are very forgiving. They keep filling up the arena. They're starving for a taste of the postseason.

A dozen years is a long time not to make the playoffs, particularly when more than half the league gets in. No NBA team has had a longer absence.

It's equivalent to the Detroit Lions in the NFL and the Kansas City Royals in baseball.

Of course, when you trade or don't re-sign eight players that end up becoming All-Stars, and draft such busts as Todd Fuller over Kobe Bryant in 1996, the fact that the Warriors have not made the playoffs in so long isn't so hard to believe.

That being said, I do believe the Warriors are headed in the right direction, although I'm not certain Nelson will right the ship.

You can certainly build a team around the 20-year-old Biedrins in the middle and 21-year-old point guard Monta Ellis.

But no one's interested in the future.

All that matters right now is the final 14 games.

Can Golden State slip past the Clippers?

Call me pessimistic. But I don't see it happening.

When I think of the Warriors in pressure situations I wonder: Who takes over in crunch time? Who hits the big basket? Who makes the big stop?

I think the Warriors are still one player away from taking that next step. That one player will be on the market in the off-season.

For the Warriors to make the playoffs this season, would require winning a few road games.

Right now Golden State has the third worst road record in the NBA.

You have to put together a run of wins when you're making a push for the playoffs. You cannot be losing to teams like Portland and Milwaukee.

But at least the Warriors have us talking about the playoffs down the stretch instead of looking toward next season.

Two weeks ago, Nelson came out and said he didn't see the Warriors in the playoffs.

Was it a ploy?


But reality has a way of sinking in.

I suppose chemistry can be developed for a stretch run. And thanks to a mid-season trade, the Warriors have two players with postseason experience.

But anything less than a playoff spot this season would have to be considered a failure.

--- just to try to stir something up :P. i got a little irritated at the article

What a hater. The Warriors go on a hot streak, and he tries to W's fans down. how can you say they are making false hope? 12 years damnit, we're due!

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