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Am I right?

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» Thu Mar 15, 2007 3:27 pm
drazz wrote:Whatever the case, Peitrus will be signed for at least $4 mil and be a starter next year. Will he be good? I don't know. But, there are certainly worse players out there that he could replace at the 2/3.

Where did you hear this?
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» Thu Mar 15, 2007 3:49 pm
drazz wrote:I'm not trying to bash on Peitrus or even really defend him, but the drop last month COULD be partially attributed to coming off the bench and being out of the flow.

I think that's a BS excuse, personally. People like Cabbage have used that as a reason and, really, I don't think it's valid. Monta Ellis clawed his way into the lineup early this season... and Azuibuke's increased his role by playing well off the bench. Even Barnes doesn't blame his streakiness on a lack of minutes. Players like Cabbage and Pietrus can't fall back on that sort of argument when other players on their team are getting the job done (especially a guy like Azu, whose doing it in less minutes).

drazz wrote:Whatever the case, Peitrus will be signed for at least $4 mil and be a starter next year. Will he be good? I don't know. But, there are certainly worse players out there that he could replace at the 2/3.

This is disturbing. Are you saying this as a prediction or did you read this somewhere? :oops:
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» Thu Mar 15, 2007 3:59 pm
Yeah, I know that starting vs. bench minutes should not make that much of a difference in shooting %, especially with all the garbage minutes that there have been recently. (Though, come to think of it, garbage minutes have mostly come in March.) But, some players need the minutes to get into the groove.

Like I said, i'm not defending him. It should not matter, but it could make a difference.

As for the signing, I think I may not have been clear enough. He will NOT be singed by the W's, but some team out there will sign him for $4 mil+ (a relative bargain for a potential starter). AND he will start for a team next year. Just a prediction, but it will happen. Just, not with the W's.

edit: The W's MIGHT sign Peitrus, but only in a trade. He has a good reputation around the league, just not here at home. I'm not sure Air France can fly in Cali.

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» Thu Mar 15, 2007 11:20 pm
Mullie needs to convince Cohan to spend some Knick-like luxury tax to produce a contender for the next three or four years. Heck, if we make the playoffs and beat the Mavs, it might be worth it for an owner with a extremely bad rep. In my opinion, BD works best with Ellis guarding the quicks, Barnes and Pietrus in the wings and Biedrins in the low post. Since he has played so little with Jackson and Harrington, it is hard to see how these more costly options (compared to Barnes and Pietrus) really help us dramatically compared to the beginning of the season with (no J-rich, no Murphy, and a bench warming Dunleavy). Without BD our Harrington, Jackson, Ellis offense is not pretty, mediocre at best with J-Rich. Our lineup of Biedrins, Harrington, SJAx, J-Rich, BD with Pietrus, Barnes and Ellis coming off the bench was formidable to the Mavs and so keep us at .500 to seasons end. The Warriors need to decide on the long term future with BD and his impact on the salary cap. If we want to bust the cap with BD, Pietrus would be a good running mate (3-4 Million per). If we are planning on moving BD's monstorous salary (good luck) it makes no sense to keep Pietrus. Basically, if we make a good playoff push and have a good showing in the playoffs, we should keep the team intact and hope for a BD recovery for next year. If we blow up, we need to let Barnes and Pietrus walk and find a way of unloading huge salaries (Foyle, Harrington, J0Rich, BD) or future obligation (Ellis in a package with Foyle/Jrich for an expiring contract). You don't let bigs walk (Biedrins should get a Rasheed type contract), but I don't see how we can resign Ellis and keep Harrington, Foyle, J-Rich and BD. No team will trade for Foyle or J-Rich for an expiring contract, so our options may be limited, pay luxury tax, or use Ellis as a chip to unload a bad contract like J-Rich or Foyle.

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