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» Fri Jan 07, 2005 11:29 pm
EMail to GSWarriors ...

January 12th, 2007, Shaquille O'Neal and the Miami Heat visit the Golden State Warriors. I think this should be the beginning, continuing, of an annual opportunity to celebrate the value of and the accomplishment of hitting a high percentage of one's free throws ... and other goals.

Int'L Who Can Make The Most Free Throws Day At The GS Warriors
Have a Good Contest ... what the heck ... Make Em Count !!!

Please ... :D

Those reading this web thread for the first time may enjoy knowing that the thread has been ongoing for nearly two years. Some readers, posters and/or folks mentioned will actually have, be improving their free throw percentages. Some won't.

Shaquille O'Neal has not.
Ben Wallace has not.
Andris Biedrins has not.
To mention a few.


In ALL the THINGS that each of us does well ... there are LITTLE THINGS

Little things like driving to the hole, getting fouled, going to the free throw line and making free throws. What the Warriors need to win more games is one, two, three, four guys doing this more often .... and five guys at a time who enjoy playing defense. :banghead:

And Good Animations!


Back to the original posting ...

Shaq Watch is spreading on the SoCô¿ôL Web Board, The Miami Heat Web Board, and here on the Golden State Web Board.

It has a simple point.


There's this "skill" in basketball called the "free throw."
It is entirely possible that a number of basketball practitioners, including current and future NBA players, could improve their successful free throw percentage ... if they considered and then logically followed the conclusions that might be drawn from analyzing this skill.


Shaq is the Number One Example of Lack Of Success Making This Shot
Did you know Ben Wallace of the World Champion Detroit Pistons is apparently worse than Shaq?

Thus, SoCô¿ôL Bob has at designated January 12th {Miami Heat v. Golden State Warriors} as The First Annual Let's All Improve Our Free Throws Day .. when fans of all shapes and sizes gather together, in thought at least, to consider one of ALL sports potentially simplest achievements.

This shot should "theoretically" be the EASIEST POSSIBLE thing to achieve in ANY sport. Examined semi-critically, anyone will notice that ONE WAY of making this shot involves a SINGLE MOVEMENT of THE BODY, from a fixed location to a fixed location, with nobody guarding the shooter. How's that for an achieveable, repeatable athletic accomplishment?

Following the threads to the SoCô¿ôL Web Board, The Miami Heat Web Board, The Current SoCô¿ôL Video Clips, etc. almost anyone can discover one possibile plan of attack for anyone desiring to improve their successful free throw percentage. With a little analysis, a little translation, a little practice, it would appear that just about ANYONE could improve their successful free throw percentage.

Anyone want to do that ?

What doyou think?

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» Sat Jan 08, 2005 5:02 am
Oh Shaq and freethrows. It's so funny to watch.

You know Shaq could have Jordan or Wilt type games if he hits his **** at the line. But the reason why he is so bad is because a free throw is like a 3 pointer for him. he gets so many points from 5 feet and within.
» Sat Jan 08, 2005 2:45 pm
pawnograffiti wrote:I'm in a Golden State Like I'm recieving an Oscar.

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» Sat Jan 08, 2005 2:53 pm
Thanks SoCoolBob for the cool graphics.

The gold Oscar statue looks like it's Rocky or bullwinkle ( i forget which one was the moose ) hehe anyways word on the Shaq free throw shots. Maybe some updated Miami uniform ones would be perfect for Christmas
» Sun Jan 09, 2005 2:35 am
pawnograffiti wrote:Thanks SoCoolBob for the cool graphics.

The gold Oscar statue looks like it's Rocky or bullwinkle ( i forget which one was the moose ) Bullwinkle was the moose hehe anyways word on the Shaq free throw shots.

The gold Oscar is called "Boscar" .. It's a Golden Statute of SoCô¿ôL "The Bull" and is given in recognition of receiving The Cowpie Award.
» Tue Mar 15, 2005 10:57 pm

I've got a couple of ideas that might really help The Golden State Warriors
... and others.

Thanks to a number of folks, including Golden State's very own Rick Barry, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to a few simple facts.

There is a way to achieve goals ... to get better and better ... at a lot of things.

If The Golden State Warriors would like to consider themselves the kind of team that can achieve greatness, they'll definitely be considering some important ... "small notions."


Skills are the way that most of us go about achieving our goals.
Getting better and better at a lot of things.

The best way to develop any skill is to "consult" with the masters.
Find somebody who knows How To Do a thing .. and will teach it.


I believe it can be demonstrated that Rick Barry is, even today, a master of a lot of things "including" Shot Making, "including" mastery of the art and skill of Making A Freethrow.

Wouldn't it make sense to make a committment, along with the development of many skills, to become the very best ... free throw shooter(s)?

Do we want to talk about all the reasons why not? Do you and I and the Golden State Warriors want to become experts at why we don't do things .. or do we want to consult with and copy masters?


The Rick Barry method of shooting the underhand free throw involves
better science. It's physically a better shot.

Making a free throw, the Rick Barry way, involves perfecting, repeating,
enjoying the benefits of ONE SIMPLE MOVEMENT OF THE BODY.

The lifting of the arms to have a basketball reach the front rim of every basket.

It's not rocket science. It certainly can't be difficult to achieve?
For an athlete?


One old guy, SoCô¿ôL Bob, has developed the current ability to make incredible numbers of free throws. Round figure estimates include a total of about forty hours of practice, over time ... actually shooting the shot ... to go from a place where he'd never even TRIED the shot ... to making 90 plus percent of 'em.

See Rick Barry Teaching The Underhand Free Throw

Again .. if you choose, you and any individual basketball player can choose to ignore simple facts and/or become an expert at why not things .. OR .. each individually can choose .. what the heck? what have "I" got to lose? my 70 percent free throw percentage? 80 percent?

What the heck?
Take a look at several threads, begun now and growing ...

Miami Heat Bulletin Board
Shaq Watch
Detroit Piston Bulletin Board

There's a new posting on the Detroit Piston Bulletin Board.
Someone suggested perhaps Ben Wallace, having recently "cost" his team a game with a crunch time performance of 1 for 7 free throw shooting, might benefit from using this method.

Does anyone want to rehash the story of the basketball player(s) who destroyed themselves in defeat ... over not having made a free throw?
Anyone care to guess, who will it be to go next ... at the free throw line?

If you're "in the game" ... going to find yourself, you want to find yourself at the free throw line. It IS a part of the plan. If you know you're going to make everyone, it makes even more sense to become more aggressive at it.

Does anyone, wouldn't everyone, want to become an "expert" at it?


Who would like to go first? Who would like to step up to the line, first, to try this "unusual" method of shooting free throws?

A single movement of the body, from a fixed location, thrusting the same size and weight basketball to the exact same height and distance, every time, NO DEFENSE.

A physically pleasant arc that gives a basketball the greatest possible chance of going through the iron ring, successfully.

How many of these things would you like to MAKE?
How many The Golden State Warriors?

Here's some trivia for you ... More than half the shots Kobe Bryant has made this year ... have been FREE THROWS.


I'd like to suggest that the Golden State Warriors, in their "spare time" .. while developing and repeating the many skills they'll need to repeat to compete for a Championship, develop the ability to make 90 plus percent of their free throws.

It'll help make them more "interesting."
It'll help make them different in one more positive way.
It'll help them make more free throws.
It'll take a little of the pressure off of having to get so darn good at every other thing.
How many edges would you want?

How many points can the Golden State Warriors make, more than their opponents, from the free throw line?

How many more games would that help them win?

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» Wed Mar 16, 2005 6:40 pm
Love the NBA world champion ring So_Cool

But which NBA player let you get that close to take the photo. Probably Dennis Rodman pawned it for drug and alcahol money and you saw it at the pawnograffiti broker :wink:
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» Wed Mar 16, 2005 6:48 pm
Isn't Shaq's FT % better than Foyle's?
» Wed Mar 16, 2005 8:12 pm
namjagerungbengi wrote:Isn't Shaq's FT % better than Foyle's?

Currently .. Adonal is at 51% ... Shaq at 46% :oops:

Lift ... Swish

And Adonal is reputed to be a pretty smart guy? :banghead:

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» Wed Mar 16, 2005 8:35 pm
Yeah I heard that from my friend also. I think he did a lecture at a college recently or something.
» Wed Mar 23, 2005 12:13 am
That's the real question.

I'm certainly looking forward to others, besides myself, coming forward to prove that there isn't anything "special" about MY abilities when it comes
to lifting my arms to have a basketball reach the front rim.

It's just the simplest thing ever and I'm anxious for others to begin to prove it.

Wearing a uniform or not the only possible way to demonstrate the effectiveness of learning to lift one's arms so that a basketball will reach the front of the rim and go in .. is to do it.

I KNOW that almost everybody knows, can learn or be reminded, that the first time you lift your arms the ball may not go in.

It may by the way.

I know that you can certainly picture, imagine .. think about what is likely to happen if you lift those same arms over and over again .. a couple of hundred times in a day .. a couple of hundred times on another day .. a couple of hundred times .. a couple of hundred times ..

YOU KNOW this is going to become a "habit."

You know ... like riding a bicyle .. that you can call upon and depend upon your ability to lift your arms.

Do It !!!

Shoot the shot and report back here.

» Wed Mar 23, 2005 10:26 pm
Image [/URL]

You can download and listen to this 8 meg MP3 file .. SoCô¿ôL Bob teaching the art of the 90 percent free throw ... on the radio.

How'd we do ?

» Tue Mar 29, 2005 12:35 pm
These are the Golden State Warrior Statistics

Notice that free throw percentage.

If Jim Barnett is right and one's game percentage is likely to be 10 percent less than one's practice percentage ... then my {60 year old man who doesn't play basketball ... much } free throw percentage is better than all but a couple Golden State Warriors.

I have a problem with that.
I'm working on a solution.


When asked "why don't people shoot the shot the way you shoot it?" ... Rick Barry responded ... ego.

So ... perfecting one's ability to make free throws is ...

Simple from a physics standpoint.
Simple from a mechanical, human athletic skill standpoint.
More difficult OR IMPOSSIBLE because of the athlete's ego?

Clearly, developing this skill is a fitting example of the modern world of Success Principles?

Set the goal.
Find a master.
Follow the guidelines.
Do the proceedure once, twice, make a habit out of it.

Bend The Wrists Forward
Follow Through

The easiest athletic skill on the planet ???

What will happen as a result of this small amount of knowledge?
What will happen as a result of some people determining that the best way to achieve this goal is to perfect "the 90 percenter?"
How long will it be before SoCô¿ôL Bob will be at the Arena, celebrating
The 90 Percent Free Throw?

:banghead: :D :banghead:

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» Tue Mar 29, 2005 1:06 pm
There is a bit of the "coolness" factor in it in shooting freethrows underhanded. but for free throws, as long as they go in thats all that matters. Of course, the nickname " the granny" didn't help out in its popularity either.

» Tue Mar 29, 2005 3:50 pm
tkono wrote:There is a bit of the "coolness" factor in it in shooting freethrows underhanded. but for free throws, as long as they go in thats all that matters. Of course, the nickname " the granny" didn't help out in its popularity either.


Absolutely correct Tim.
That's among the reasons I've begun to change, add to some of the names ..

The 90 Percent Free Throw ....

How did Rick Barry shoot free throws?
Very Well ô¿~

SoCô¿ôL adds that extra irresistible coolness factor.

It's SoCô¿ôL when the ball keeps going IN ô¿~

Shoot The Shot !!!
There is actually, totally and completely, absolutely NOTHING to lose
to practice making this shot. NOTHING
Unless it's "ego" and that's not going to happen. Not with this or
any other crop of NBA stars. They might "experiment" with it ... losing their egos that is ¤¿¤

for free throws, as long as they go in thats all that matters

That's the goal ... none other. That rim fifteen feet away .. EVERY TIME.
I'm putting the ball just slightly over that front rim EVERY TIME.
I'm getting my points and getting on to the next thing, including doing my very best to get I or one of my teammates on that line .. where they can do it again and again and again.


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