Nelly's view on our defense

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» Tue Feb 06, 2007 8:05 am
TMC wrote:
aletha33 wrote:I seriously think it is... No one is questioning their effort... the effort's just can't play a zone in the NBA and expect to have good results..

again, how many nobodys have we turned into somebodys b/c they're left wide open to cast 3's...

why are we playing aggressive high energy man defense vs charlotte almost the entire game...and then, in the last couple of minutes, we zone up leaving Carroll for 2 wide open 3's... heart breaking...

and im not sure if you noticed, but their man defense...there was something different about it on saturday...more urgent...crisp...aggressive...

i dont now..could of been just me.

No, really. I must say I'm not a big supporter of zone defense. I think it should be used as another resource for specific situations of the game... but why we played so much zone is beyond me. There were games in which the zone was our basic defense.

Zone defenses have been traditionally used to cover up defensive weakness, protect a player who is in foul trouble, or to dare an opposing team to make the outside shot. With Nelson, the zone defense has become his signature gimmick. Nelson has always been interested in doing goofy things on the court rather than win a championship. His teams are fun to watch but are not designed to win championships.

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