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» Sun Dec 26, 2004 5:28 am
Look we are a nice pretty 8-18 record. When we were 2-8 i predicted the next 10 games to be 8-2 and take our record to 10-10 . Whilst this season hasn't been pretty ( Loosing to the Clips ) there's been some major signs for rejoycing ( I love how Richardson is stepping up ) ( and Speedy's just running the ship hands down ) I would like to offer this opportunity to break down how our team will perform leading to Allstar weekend. ( @ first i wanted to do a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION post but i thought what the hell take it to the Allstar break and trade deadline and show my fellow World Wide Warriors why we will win!

26th/12: @ Sac / WIN ( Preseason we domin8d them, Vlades gone to )
27th/12: vs Nug WIN ( No1 strikes gold in BOWLING 4 Columbine city )
29th/12: vs Rapts ( VCless n Zo'less . It's in the bag )

@ the end of Dec we sitting on a pretty 11-18.


January !

1/1: @ Portland WIN ( i'd say VanExel torched us last time, But hey it's the Trailblazers and last night was New Year's . Who knows what they were smoking? ) 12-18

3/1: vs 76'ers WIN ( people talk about Kobe wanting to be the man, A.I has carried this franchise on his shoulders, But still no teammates means no win ) 13-18

5/1: @ Boston LOST ( There's just to many LEADERS , to let Jrich even have the opportunity for tipslam and win, When you got Payton, Peirce and Ricky D. those 3 have that much pride i don't think we can steal the win ) 13-19

7/1: @ NJ LOST ( Well Cliffy will be playing for them by then. i just hope JKidd's in a New Jersey by then ) 13-20

9/1: @ Toronto WIN ( It's this time of the roadtrip, Monty talks about our performance on the road, I think we will win this because Vince will have tipped there game plan the other night in New Jersey ) 14-20

10/1: @ Chicago WIN ( hmm there hot at the moment, But like i said dissapointing roadtrip means we got to beat teams like this ) 15-20

12/1: vs Miami WIN ( Shaq is MIA . he doesn't play Kobe again til 17/3 , so i think he is injured till then with saw pinkie or fat gut ) 16-20

14/1: @ Seattle LOST ( Ray Allen, Luke Ridnour, Rashard Lewis better hope one of these guys injured ) 16-21

15/1: vs Lakers WIN ( KobenCo ah its a home game, and his teammates are probably already sick of him ) 17-21

17/1 vs Denver LOST ( They play Minesota @ home on the 14th, so they are well rested and ready for the Warriors ) 17-22

21/1 @ LAKERS LOST ( Hmm Staples Centre, Nicholson probably got some beer to throw at us and Kobe loves to play for his hometown ) 17-23

22/1 vs LeBron WIN ( last game of 6 games in 10 days west coast swing for the CAVS, If we don't absolutly pumel a team with that grueling scheduale, i say fire Montgom and get Silas ) 18-23

26/1 ( HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY MATES ) vs NJ WIN ( Well Jason Kidd will be in a Warriors uniform by then and will want to show up Thorn who traded him recently, i predict the win ) 19-23

28/1 vs SEATTLE WIN ( It's at the Arena, Where getting use to wins at home ) 20-23

29/1 @ LAC LOST ( back to back . Dunleavy Sr will probably whisper something to his son and the crowd boos , young Mikey asks for his dummy and his baby rattler , TOUGH LOSS ) 20-24

At the end of January, Warriors J's are selling fast in all major cities, Jrich is hands down favourite to back up his slam dunk contest and it will be the first time we see a Warrior in a ALLSTAR Game since Sprewell .

20-24 is impressive. we lose a total of 6 games in Jan



2/2 vs SAC WIN ( Sac has massive crowd support, yet Webber is out with tantrum injuries ) 21-24

4/2 vs NEW ORL WIN ( It's at home we won the last 3OT at home, why not again ) 22-24

5/2 @ Den LOST ( The celebrities are traveling down from Aspen and Vail, But there's just to much hype in this building leading up to Allstar weekend, unfortuneatly . we LOSE ) 22-25

7/2 @ MIAMI LOST ( Shaq is off the injured list because he just relizes how many votes he got and it's for him to get into shape to dominate Kobe in less then 2 weeks time ) 22-26

8/2 @ Orlando WIN ( It's that ****ing Francis, But someones gotta step up on him because he is half the reason why the Warriors been bad for the last 5 years or so, Hopefully our JKidd in new shining armour will be the trick ) 23-26

13/2 vs PHX WIN ( It's at home, it's the SUNS though. Hopefully people like Nash and Marion are too busy shopping in the cosmopolition San Fran that they just forget to turn up to the game and rather hang out with all there roadies the day before Valentines ) 24-26

15/2 vs DAL WIN ( Erick Dampier is back home and has 70 Million to spend, it was Valentines the day before and rumour has it Adonal Foyle spiked his drink at dinner the night before and date raped his fellow 7 footer ) 25-26

16/2 @ SEATTLE WIN ( Ray Allen doesn't even turn up because his too busy playing NBA Live seeing if he has a chance at winning the 3 point contest, Jason Richardson is in the same boat but his hands are on the controller playing the slam dunk contest, Either way the team knows it's the last game before DENVER and if they win tonight then they are a .500 team ) 26-26


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» Sun Dec 26, 2004 10:09 pm
I dont' have enough energy to read everything you wrote Pawno, but let's just hope that they don't let up (in energy) or let down (us fans) in Denver tomorrow night. [-o<

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» Sun Dec 26, 2004 10:09 pm
pawno ,you tend to stretch things but I agree more than most ! happy hollidays and enjoy a victory blunt istead of the polls options :!:

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