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» Sun Jan 21, 2007 11:40 am
I previously posted this by mistake in game threads.

The refs must be under orders to keep Eastern teams competitive.

I didn't realize they recruited refs from the Turkish prison system.

The energy was great, a window into the future.

They probably don't know each other's names, yet almost beat the leading Eastern Division team.

Q: Where are the big guys that can't shoot?
A: As always, under the basket getting the offensive rebound. Sigh.

The floppy-haired Brazilian really is a star at what he does.

Remember when Foyle couldn't catch even easy passes? Now, he catches everything. He obviously worked on his hands and his shooting. Worked himself into quality and effective playing some. He gets props for that.

Jackson will not get 30 very often and Harrington will do better.

Sarunas might end up being as valuable as anyone. He can play, the ball moves and he can save Baron from playing too many minutes and thus improve his game.

And, we don't have to see the gifted Ellis playing point. He is horrible there and not getting better. With the burden of playing point gone, he should do even better in his natural game.

So, Sarunas is the best "throw-in" anyone could ever expect.

Oh, and actual pick and rolls. He will help AB as well.

I am thrilled with Saras.

The Ws have the worst half-court sets in the history of basketball. Good grief, there has to be more than having players run from one side of the court to the other and then stand there watching while someone either shoots up a contested three or goes one-on-five.

Other teams, even the worst ones, all seem to have some kind of thoughtful motion that gets players open occasionally at least.

Even 92% free throw shooters split their opportunities as soon as they play for the Ws. It is a disease. They should check the Oracle for alien spores.

Q: Where are the three-point shooters that are paid millions for that skill?
A: Out at that handy reference line. The Ws always seem surprised that other teams know about this and shoot from there.

There may not be enough basketballs to go around, especially when JR comes back. Hope to see a variation of a platoon system so there is never any resting or pacing because of fatigue and everyone is involved when there is running.

Hmmm, does it seem that perhaps the refs call stupid fouls to slow the game down because they are tired? Especially in the second half. Seriously, how many officials could truly keep up with, say, a Warriors vs. Suns game?

One of my kids got comped to almost front row seats for the Laker game. He will touch Jack and at least one starlet for me.

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