A positive outlook on the warriors' bad record

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» Fri Dec 15, 2006 1:00 pm
There is the schedule and there is the team.

Hoping that Mullin will pull off some improbable trade where the Ws lose all of their big contracts and get a Hall of Fame power foreward in return?

Not a chance, unfortunately, but there is indeed a realistic chance of great success in the last half of the season.

First, Nelson is substituting much better. More players are in their proper roles now and that alone will pay off.

The second reason for optimism is that the Ws have four valuable players who have not been able to contribute much because of injury. Four useful players are a lot more than any trade would ever provide.

Richardson is an all-star quality player. His return to full strength will be huge.

Ike is not the saviour, but he is going to be a very good situational player who will do very well in many situations and can do things that aren't being done now. Clearly, a healthy and attuned Ike will also be huge.

Murphy's broken nose has been more of a bother than most of use think. When that is healed and his legs are fresh, he will be a better player.

Also, Ike's return will allow Nelson to use Murphy in a more specialized role, rather than as a 40 minute wanna-be power foreward. He will be very valuable in that new role. Maybe a Mr. Inside and Mr. Outside scenario that will maximize the skills of both Ike and Murphy.

Zarko is not going to the HOF anytime soon, but he hustles and can do some things.

Also, these four players are also bodies. Four more bodies to spell others, to practice against, to fill garbage time minutes, to allow the fast game to operate full time, every time. Might prevent an injury or two.

Getting these players healthy is realistic and will have a greater effect than any likely trade would ever have.

We have seen the competition and it would seem that a full-strength Warrior team likely could make the playoffs, especially if the schedule is indeed more favorable later in the season.
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» Fri Dec 15, 2006 6:13 pm
aletha33 wrote:in addition to the tough schedule, we all, including myself, forget that the warriors are the 2nd youngest team in the nba.

Great point but from what they have shown, they are capable and shouldn't use the excuse that they are young, if things start to go wrong. Pietrus, Baron, JRich, Murphy, dun and Biedrins have been around long enough to be expected to produce well
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» Fri Dec 15, 2006 6:16 pm
TMC wrote:
migya wrote:I just don't see the Hawks, Celts and Bobcats beating the Warriors anywhere. Obviously any team can beat any other team on a given night but those teams are bad defensive teams and that is what the team does well against.

Going on an East road trip will really show what the team is made of

Except we don't play Atlanta and Charlotte til our second road trip. This one is composed of Phoenix (not an east team, but still part of the trip), Toronto & Boston (both winnable), New Jersey, Orlando and Miami... Tough games ahead.

All of these games the team can win! The Heat have been pathetic and if Wade is still out (unlikely) it should be an instant win. The Magic have also been faltering and have injury issues as well, so if they still have those injuries, that is a plus for the team as well. The Raps did well last game in Oakland so it won't be so easy, the Celts you never know but they have not got it together with all those young guys around Pierce and the Nets have been hot but the team matches up well with them.

All are winnable games!

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