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Ron Artest a Warrior ?

Not going to happen, We only accept White Warriors not Tru Wariorz
Yeah, But now the Dubs are being boo'ed for all the right reasons

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» Wed Dec 08, 2004 5:03 pm

With the recent Pistons/Pacers brawl. Does anyone think Ron Artest might be moved, due to overwhelmingly bad press for Indiana.

the man at the helm of that ship is a MR LARRY BIRD ( good teammate of our VP Chris Mullin ) Larry Bird coverts hard working whiteboys.

Would anyone be up for a Dunleavy for Ron Artest. The way i see it is, Dunleavy is a skilled whitey who would fit right into a Rick Carlisie lineup and would be a golden child coming to a bad rep organisation

Ron Artest is a former St John's Superstar! And So was Chris Mullin a decade earlier. With Chris Mullin offering support and stability to Ron Ron, a change of scenery might just be his ticket to proper personality rehabilitation. It's kind of hard to play up in front of your mentors as you owe them 100% and Ron must have some form of respect for Mullin, As Artest would have seen the name Mullin hanging from the reafters at St John.

Would hate to part with Dunleavy, But i think his the bait to get a defensive player like that. even though his status wouldn't be ready till next October, it be nice if we decided to tank the season . get our draft pick then have this years unelligable Defensive player of the year on our team next season.

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» Wed Dec 08, 2004 7:15 pm
I like Artest's abilities, but his head is just somewhere else. When things don't go right he blows up. I think it's too much risk to bring him in with his fairly large and long contract (almost 36 mill over 5 years). He's a great player, but his emotions and loose-cannon attitude could be explosive. Not what our team needs right now. I like taking a chance on Kidd because he has proven he can take a team to the next level. Artest on the other end hasn't done that for Indiana.
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» Wed Dec 08, 2004 11:54 pm
Sorry to do this BY but i must first rip into you for even saying Artest contract is long and large. 36 Million over 5 years for a guy who got DPOTY in 2004. That's pretty good considering his age and his health, i mean his hands down in line to win the award for many more years to come.

Ron Artest contract is bargain basement cheap. If he didn't have the associated personality issues. he could have easily signed on for a 6 year 86 Million contract on his skill alone. But the thing is teams end up paying about 86 Million in league issued fines over 6 years cause of Ron, so he iis definately a gamble.

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» Thu Dec 09, 2004 11:55 am
That's a damn big IF though Pawno. I mean he got suspended for the entire season... If he ever crosses the line, he will be penalized far heavier than any other player in the league. David Stern said it himself, he couldn't look past Artest's history when deciding the punishment. He's for sure one of the best defenders in the league, but it doesn't matter if he's not on the floor. I just don't want to see the W's pay him nearly 40 million if he can't or won't play. It's just too precarious a situation. If he wasn't the explosive character he is, I'd say 40 mill, even 60 mill wasn't a problem who can shut the opposing teams 3 down AND score 20 a game. But just the fact he might not be in a game for months at a time is a HUGE concern.

That said, if they could somehow add a clause in his contract allowing a void if he misses over 30 games in any 2 year stretch (starting 2005-06) then I say alright. But if he got suspended again for attacking a fan, or even just an ON-COURT melee, it wouldn't be a little 5 game misdemeanor. I could easily see 10 games etc. It's just a big chance to take. At least with Kidd, you know he won't go off in that manner. He's not a perfect person either... spousal abuse, complaints about ownership everywhere he's been, etc... but you know he can take you the championship (just like he did in NJ). That's a risk worth taking.

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