Murphy figures he's a perfect fit to shift to center

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» Fri Oct 06, 2006 6:29 pm
Big B wrote:After reading a bunch of posts from the guys around here, I notice a resounding imbalance between Foyle and Dunny.
Foyle makes $7 million a year and Dunny makes $8.8 million per year. Very comprarable.
So, why is it that the bar is set so high for Dunny and we're happy with Foyle if he can take a piss and not get urine all over himself?
I want the very best for these guys, but Foyle and Dunny has proven over the past few years that they are not components of a winning stragety...

Both are shiit and relative busts! Thing is that dunnyboy was not just the third pick, but a hyped player to be real good! Foyle was never hyped as being real good and was known only as a shotblocker so that was all that was to be expected from him! Mullin signed Foyle to that contract because there ws no centers on the team and Centers are hard to come by, Dunleavy was signed to his contract because Mullin was outright stupid!!!! He should have never signed dun to anymore than 7 million a year because he did not deserve it and the likes of Tayshaun Prince (a far better and more effective player) signed for a minute amount more!!!!

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