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Should SoCoolBob's 2-year thread be stopped?

Poll ended at Thu Oct 05, 2006 4:11 pm

Yes, it's been dragged on long enough and it has actually become an annoyance.
No, I still find the updates interesting and follow Bob's advice.

Total votes: 9

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» Sat Sep 23, 2006 6:35 am
TMC wrote:This poll was insane from the very beginning. I said that much to avoid censorship on this board, which was what you and anyone that wanted to close the thread was trying to do (please, do not take this as a personal attack. It's strictly related to the issue. Nothing more. If you were the one posting in a topic that everybody were trying to close, I'd do the same).

Bob's thread, besides how useful it may or may not be, is not against the guidelines of the board, and that means that no one has any right to say when it should be closed. If Bob alone posts there, so be it, but do not become something more than we should. There's only one Admin here, and that is Hobbes. We're just along for the ride.

That's right!

Let's just leave things the way they are and get back to the usual, meaningful conversation!
» Sat Sep 23, 2006 11:40 am
Appreciation To Hobbes
As Many Others Have Said
If I Were A Poet I'd Laugh
As He Gleefully Closes "That Thread"

But ... apparently .. he wouldn't ... certainly he hasn't ... hope that he doesn't. That to me is SoCooL !!!


Don't know if anybody's noticed or cares, but SoCool Bob
long ago CLOSED SoCooL's ENTIRE BOARD to comments other than mine.


It's One Thing To Engage In Dialogue.And Put Up With People Throwing Rocks It's Another ... For Whatever Reason ... To have to spend hours a day, moments a day, anytime at all ERASING Negative Thoughts


Like I have any clue why this guy registered ... or how?
Some folks, on this planet, have set up computers to randomly become members of various boards ... not even for the purpose of posting ... but for purpose of having the web address show up on the member list and link someone to GOD AWFUL IMAGES and descriptions of things that
are SICK

For what purpose?
To achieve what goal?
These questions could be a negative diversion ...
Or the beginning of a cure ...
In whose mind must this occur? How?

Hobbes, I appreciate what I can only suspect you have to "put up with."


Multiplying the opportunities to think on positive things.
That's the only way I've found that really seems to work.

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