What will Murphy, J-Rich& Dun ask for when they become F

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Will J-Rich, Murph, and Dun accept 8 mill/yr?

Yes, 8 mill is perfect
No, they'll be greedy and want more
No votes
Yes, but they'd take a little pay cut to help the team
Murph and Dun will but J-Rich won't

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» Fri Jul 30, 2004 4:26 pm
TMurphy will command a pretty big salary just because of the market.A tall PF that can rebound and shoot will get paid. (avg. a double double)

I think for TMurphy we are looking at an Foyle type contract.

Dunleavy unless he picks his game will be an MLE type player. He is not a franchise player but a great role player who will command somewhere between 4 - 5 mil a year.

JRich wont be a max player - even though he is probably the best player on this team that doesnt automatically mean max money. I wish he could develop a more reliable jump shot but the guy needs to play some defense. JRich on other teams would most likely be on the bench.

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» Sat Jul 31, 2004 1:28 am
Yes consistency is something a MAX player must have, otherwise people will always question " WHY " the average fan will praise when the MAX is scoring 30 a night and then Boo and curse when the MAX scores 8 or 9.
People will only ever remember the faults though.

But consistency is not a major factor in giving MAX money if attributes such as athleteism or desire are key aspects. Consistency can be tought through building up minutes and more court time. I think Jrich consistency has been improving, Last season i would look up the stats after the games and be happy with production. also on the offense end other teams new last season that the WARRIORS GO TO GUY wasnt Arenas or Jamison , So the defense would always be collapsing on him. However Jrich still became more consistent then previous campaigns.

As for Pietrus, an injury to Jrich would mean plenty more playing time. Not that i like having a star player on the bench with his arm in a cast or donning the latest Versace Suit. But when stars get injured it means others step up and produce. But to have Pietrus on the starters and not have the Jrich factor ( meaning he doesn't resign ) would be the worst move for the franchise could we have not had a superstar since Tim Hardaway or Chris Mullin that could get fans out of there seats and reaching for the rafters, and the crowd factor is a big plus in winning home games. So i say his worth the Millions

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