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» Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:24 am
I've read that West will likely retire, maybe Pachulia also. Looney is likely going to get a pretty good offer from another team, maybe Mccaw also, though he is a restricted free agent. Mcgee is also a FA and he might be offered something more than the vet minimum which is all he will get here. Swaggy is likely to not be resigned as well. That's four spots at least are needed to be filled.

Kerr was caught telling Jones that he will get a good chance next season so he could get Pachulia 's time.

I think the team should b have one less big next season as they need one more wing off the bench.

Kyle O'Quinn would be a great replacement big. He was on about the same amount of money Swaggy got and could even start at Center. He is still quite young but had enough experience to be an instant contributor.

Maresse Speights was on the vet minimum on the Orlando bench and would be a great replacement for West, though I haven't seen him play in a couple of years. He had developed a three point shot and his midrange and size were effective when he was here.

Ian Clark was also on the minimum in NO and would be a good replacement for Swaggy.

Getting experienced players that are proven and looking for a part on a championship team instead of young players that want the significant court time. Most championship teams that I cashmere remember always had older players on their bench but the Warriors have a chance to get experienced yet not old players to fill out the bench.
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» Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:55 pm
Trevor Ariza wants to take a pay cut to come play. I'm not sure about Speights. What I've realized is you need guys that can produce in the post season and make plays, not just guys like Speights who can make some shots in the regular season when there's no pressure.
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» Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:05 pm
migya wrote:That's four spots at least are needed to be filled.

I'd say at least 5 of the 6 players you listed, but I agree overall.

Current Players
  • West - I think 90% chance he retires, but we may not choose to keep him any ways if we are gambling he'll have a large production decline.
  • Pachulia - Gone. I felt like he could have been serviceable in the playoffs, but Kerr apparently didn't only giving him garbage time.
  • Looney - Gone. We can't afford him; Bell & Jones probably make him expendable.
  • Mccaw - Either he or McGee stay. We may have a chance to extend him without breaking the bank.
  • Mcgee - Given no other team wanted him last year, if we do, then he'll be back.
  • Swaggy - Gone, unless he takes a huge pay cut (not likely).

Other Players
  • Kyle O'Quinn - TBH I don't know much about him, but I think we could get the similar production from our young bigs or a cheaper pick.
  • Speights - I'm with Stairway - I don't think he has anything to contribute at this point.
  • Ian Clark - He was more productive than Swaggy, but Cook is our first scorer off the bench.
Stairway Man wrote:Trevor Ariza wants to take a pay cut to come play.

This is exciting, I hope it's true. Ariza could be so huge for us and he won't get burned out down the stretch, like he has before, playing a more limited role. I just don't see him taking the size of a pay cut he'd probably need to, but his current $7.25 mil is not far off the MLE.

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