Outrage over Zaza's "dirty play" - turns out he is innocent.

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» Sun Feb 25, 2018 11:36 am
Zaza's play last night:

He clearly intentionally fell on Westbrook, right? Well, look at this angle:


This evidence, that clearly proves that Zaza's leg was hooked by Nick Young's foot and that it at least wasn't "clearly intentional," has been out shortly after the original clip, but none of the haters care. They are either wilfully ignoring it, or refuse to acknowledge it.

Rather than chopping it up to something like, "haters gonna hate," I think it's more nuanced than that... They're scared; the NBA and fans of other teams are scared, looking for something to help them rationalize how good this team is, because "surely they can't been that much better than my team!" Or judging by how so many are calling for Zaza to get suspended and kicked out of the league, they're looking for intervention from the league, hoping Silver will save them by taking away one of our pieces...

Anyways, Zaza is innocent, the Warriors are that good, and the NBA is f*cked!

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