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» Thu Feb 01, 2018 7:46 am
I have been watching some vids on YouTube lately and some are saying that James Harden is the runaway winner right now, after his 60 point triple double yesterday. It was said that Curry and Durant could never win it as they are on the same team. I think that is somewhat reasonable to say that when a player like Harden performs like he has this season, on a winning team like his, either Curry or Durant, even playing like they have, can't be picked ahead of him.

Would be first time ever that two teammates got one and two in mvp voting when it happens.
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» Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:29 am
I think if Steph hadn't of missed an entire month, then he'd probably be a strong candidate.

It's BS to say Curry and KD can't win it because they're playing with each other. KD won it with Westbrook. Yet another double standard against Curry here - nobody said this about KD when he played with Westbrook, yet somehow the media and fans think Westbrook is better than Steph. :crazy:

There's still time though. Minus the last game, Steph's been on a tear since his return, and if Harden either miss time or drops off (like he's done in the past towards the end of the season) then we could have a race.

KD probably deserves it more, if for no other reason than his D (DPoY right now), but Curry is more likely to put up eye-popping numbers.

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