If KD wins defensive player of the year

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» Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:44 pm
Then it’s gonna be hard to convince me that at this moment KD is not better than King James.

This is just my opinion. It’s blasphemy to say someone is better than Lebron. But I would be lying if I didn’t think KD might be.
I think Curry is right there too for many reasons but this is about KD. So many people will not at least entertain the idea. They will only look at things that suggest James is the best he's ever been such as his reputation and give him the benefit of the doubt because of his body of work and what his numbers say right now, but they will not question anything or put anything into consideration. It's always a one sided debate. But I do see a different picture.

Even without Curry, Durant is putting up great numbers and Warriors have been winning like crazy.

Too many people give Lebron the benefit of the doubt without questioning anything. Sure he’s putting up great numbers all across the board, but we all know that he doesn’t have the defense he used to. So he conserves his energy and puts it into offense and gets great numbers. If he was playing the defense of KD, his numbers would be lower because he'd have less energy conserved.

Head to Head, Durant not only looks better but he’s not afraid. James did not look confident and KD wants to guard Lebron. Lebron does not want to guard KD. KD reminds me of Rick Von the Wild Thing in Major League 2. ''I want Parkman. I want him.'' While Lebron does not want to take any challenge that paints him in an unfavorable way. I mean sure he loves putting up triple doubles and playing extra minutes when he knows he cannot win. But it's the little things. He cares more about getting a triple double than actually trying to get in KD's head and playing the game within the game.

To me KD is better or as good as Lebron because he does the things that matter even better. He’s a better defender now. He’s longer and is a better shot blocker. He is a more talented scorer and could average 32-35 points if he wanted to without wearing himself out the way James does.

As far as Lebron, he’s made it to the finals 8 times in a row in the weakest conference ever. If you praise him for it you have to look at the big picture. He’s beat only 9 50 win teams in his whole career. So what I'm saying is that you cannot only look at it from one angle. In 15 years he has made it to more Finals than Kobe and Lebron, yet the fine print says he's beaten only 1/3 of the competition. It's just simply not fair to only look at one side of the argument.

Yes Lebron is a better passer and a better one man team player than KD. But when you build a super team or a team that plays together, you don’t have room for that kind of play if you want to maximize your teammates play. There isn't a whole lot of room for guys that dominate the ball. I think that KD has the ball a whole lot less than James, yet can match or edge him out in scoring.

I say Lebron is better at carrying a weak team to the finals but KD fits better with unselfish talent around him. And he can do what James does, without compromising other stars around him. KD is better to me and I know that people will disagree and think I’m using arguments to my advantage. But to me, Lebron supporters only use arguments to their advantage. 8 Finals appearances but only 3 wins (2 lucky ones) and only nine wins against teams over 50 wins. But all you have to do is go back to Christmas Day and go back to the shot KD made in game 3. My eyes tell me that James is afraid of KD when it’s crunch time.

Ask yourself this question. How come Lebron’s teams have never been overwhelmingly great even when he’s had 2 stars around him and many solid role players that he got to choose? Nobody has as much control of their team as Lebron, nobody. If you’re gonna praise him you have to criticize his lack of overall success (winning) or the way he’s won. Otherwise this whole Lebron debate is very biased and one sided. You cannot just keep using ''not enough help'' as the go2 reason. He’s played 15 years and the reason he hasn’t had help is because his dominating play style will never allow maximum team success. It’s amazing how a player of his legacy is never expected to win even with multiple stars around him. It’s not a good picture.

I think Durant might be both a better one on one player and 5 on 5 player than Lebron. But because Lebron can put up numbers all across the board and make it to the finals in the east, he gets a pass in every argument. You’re only allowed to say good things about Lebron, but every shortcoming he has or every time he compromised his team, he gets a pass. Even if I am somehow wrong, I’m not gonna let Lebron slide. Getting a triple double, playing extra minutes and losing in 5 games should at least give you a clue that Lebron isn’t quite what you think he is.

Lebron is And always will be a one man team player. That's just who he is. He is Westbrook with better efficiency and more size, but less triple doubles. It’s not right that if you can’t praise Westbrook for his production that somehow you can praise Lebron just because he has better efficiency. I will never understand it. The end result is still similar. Lebron has never been able to play the way he plays while playing with a team and a proper coach. He is the reason he has never had a proper coach, gm, and system. What everyone thinks is what makes him great like dominating play is what has hurt him his whole career. Much more possible to build a super team with Curry than guys like Lebron who turn Kyrie Irving away. If Lebron actually played in a real system and won that way, then his overall numbers such as rebounds and assists would be lower, which is why you can't only use his numbers to justify why he is the best.

Christmas Day is another example of how KD got the better of Lebron. And things were pretty fair. No Curry for the Warriors. Lebron had Love put up like 20 rebounds and make a whole bunch of 3 pointers. Warriors didn't even shoot well. King still lost to KD and KD beat him when it mattered. I know that the NBA admitted that Durant fouled at the end. But the point is that the league almost always will let you play harder at the end of games and the whistles are usually not blown unless you get clobbered. KD took the challenge. Lebron looked a bit uncomfortable. Lebron hardly ever wants to take the challenge of guarding KD. But KD doesn't shrink in the moment. He rises and I'm proud of him.

People like Greg Papa agree with me, that KD is better than Lebron at the moment. I'm not going to look at rebounds and assists, things that only support Lebron. KD is rebounding about as well as Lebron. His scoring is as effective as Lebron's, considering he's playing in an unselfish system. His defense is superior to Lebron's. That is enough for me to justify my opinion that he is the better overall player or at least as good as him. If he can beat James without Curry and take all the one on one challenges and get the better of him mentally, that is enough for me. I'm not trying to hate Lebron. I'm saying that for all the things he does, you have to look at the other side of the spectrum. He deserves criticism for his lack of overall success, just like anyone else. When I say lack of overall success, I'm not talking about personal stats. Y'all know what I mean.

I'm gonna stick to my opinion unless I find a strong enough reason to believe otherwise. I am not hating on Lebron. I've said that Lebron might actually be the best ONE MAN team ever in history. Meaning he could take any team pretty far. But when you put talent around him such as Wade/Bosh plus role players and Love/Irving plus role players, his teams are good but never overwhelmingly dominate. And we've seen other stars who had to sacrifice with Lebron. I've seen Bosh struggle partly because of Lebron and turn into a jump shooter. I saw Wade sacrifice his offense and numbers. I saw Love struggle for a good while. I saw Kyrie Irving play well and leave Lebron and go to another team. I saw all of this with my own eyes time after time after time.

But being the best one man team player in history does not equal being the best team player or best player. He has a very ball dominating style. He controls the whole team, the offense, the coaches, the whole organization. It drove Irving away and Irving was the best player he's ever had. When you build the best team ever, it's hard to have players like Lebron run everything. His domination makes him appear as a better player than he actually is. Like I said, sometimes it's about playing well when it matters. I can prove that in the playoffs, Kobe has better stats during the clutch moments. Lebron gets a pass. People only can look at things that support him, but will ignore every counter argument.

And I hope KD keeps going after him and keeps on beating him. I know. All of Lebron's fans will still say Lebron is better no matter what and that KD is a snake and has a better team. Even so, I want KD to keep going after him. KD plays to win. Lebron just tries to not lose. And I'm pissed that people will just say superteam this, superteam that. Lebron started the modern day superteam. And he still has 2 stars around him. He lost to Dallas with a superteam.
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» Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:35 pm
Wow, Stairway, that's quite the essay.

We all know LeBron is having an amazing season, and IMO he's the current MVP, but KD is the DPoY only challenged by Draymond. LeBron isn't having one of his typical "save it for the playoffs" regular seasons - he's giving it his all on both ends of the court. However, KD is in his prime, has all the physical tools, and playing on a team that values D as much as the Spurs - LBJ just can't compete with that at his age. I agree that it's KD's size and shot blocking that makes him truly special.

I also agree that KD is a better fit for us and more of a complementary player (in a good way). He was the perfect addition to a super team, where LBJ could have made us worse, especially considering his gross contract.

I do believe LeBron is no. 1, even if his overall team success hasn't proven that entirely. He's not perfect, but he's as close to it as we've ever seen. I don't even think he's the best offensive player, that title belongs to Curry, but overall he's the best.

LeBron has been on a dominant team before in Miami, it's just that we've never seen a team as dominate as our Warriors, the Spurs have been insanely good, and that Mavs team was special for that season. It's not all bad luck for James, but he had some competition in the West.

Let's not forget that the Cavs will be getting Isaiah Thomas back soon (whom I believe is better that Kyrie), then we'll really see what we're up against.
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» Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:02 pm
Well I guess it depends on what best overall means. If KD is a better fit for us, then that implies he is better on the most important level, playing superior team ball on the best team. I value that more. I feel being better on a better team is more important.

Whereas my point is Lebron is better at leading a team. But on best team ever type teams you need guys that can fit not just lead and put the team on their back and make it appear that they’re doing all the work for their team.

On teams that play team ball, that’s the best way in my opinion and if KD is better for us, then he’s better in my eyes. Lebron just runs everything and plays in a way that isn't the absolute best for a team to develop. Not for a real team that wants to have the best records, rings, and be looked at as the best. It looks good the way Lebron runs his teams from top to bottom, but to me, KD is a better team player, defender, scorer, and plays hungrier. So to me he is better at everything that matters in the grand scheme of things. Like I said, I could be wrong about this. But I just have so much against the way Lebron plays. I really do believe in what I'm saying. There's things that people see in Lebron's game that doesn't move me. I feel like I see through his greatness.
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» Sat Jan 13, 2018 7:23 pm
Cavs players complaining Lebron is slowing ball movement to get more assists. I saw through that long ago.

Sure it looks good individually but even his own team says he’s not playing the right way. How is supposed to get help when he plays the way he does?
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» Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:44 am
I honestly haven't paid a lot of attention to The LeBron Show this season, but his teammates don't have much of a leg to stand on, at least not on D. They were horrible at times on D last night, and LBJ didn't exactly look like the MVP favorite on D either. He had some standout plays, and maybe it was fatigue, but they all just gave up.

Shouldn't this team be better defensively after the trade? I mean, they should at least on paper with Crowder.

As it was said so many times last night, I don't think we'll be facing the Cavs in the Finals this season.
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» Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:57 pm
You think Boston gonna beat them?

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