MVP Award has become a joke

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» Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:03 am
Last year it was Westbrook because he averaged the triple double. This year he can't get it because he's playing with 2 other stars. And so that means that the only reason he was able to do it last year was because he was a one man team. That's what the NBA promotes? Year before it was Curry. He can't get it because Durant is on the team and vice versa. So should Lebron get it? Despite the fact his team isn't doing very good? The MVP has become a joke and doesn't mean anything now. It's basically who the hottest flavor is of the month. There's no reason Curry or KD shouldn't be in contention. That is just ridiculous. It's something that they CREATED.

Irving probably does deserve it if the season ended today. But we all know who the real best team is. How does the Unanimous MVP become a player who doesn't get any votes? This award has become a joke because it has different meanings each season. I feel that because the Warriors are so great, it's the next best thing that players feel they need to win.
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» Thu Nov 23, 2017 3:21 am
It'd be nice to see either Curry or Durant get MVP but that's unlikely. Harden deserves it, he has been close the last few seasons and the Rockets are doing well again.

A more interesting topic is whether the career or legacy of a star is less because of playing with another star, especially if they win a championship or two.
Note: Lebron/Wade, Curry/Durant

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