What was the moment the Warriors became a World class team?

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» Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:08 pm
I'm trying to pinpoint exactly when and how the Warriors became the juggernaut they are. Was it when Curry started to score after Ellis left? Or was it when David Lee got injured and they inserted Barnes into the starting lineup against Denver? Or was it when Lee got hurt the following year and Green became the power forward? Or was it when they fired Jackson and hired Steve Kerr?

It's just amazing how the Warriors became the NBA's team so quickly. We beat the Denver Nuggets and gave the Spurs a good fight but ultimately could not dethrone them. Then the following year Curry made the all star team for the first time, and we made it game 7 vs the Clippers but ultimately lost and blamed it due to Bogut's absence.

Then the next year we had basically the same team and got off to a real good start. It looked like Steve Kerr changed everything. Although we did see flashes of the Warriors greatness before.

So what was the biggest reason the Warriors were able to make their sudden leap? It's not usual to see a team do that in the NBA. The Warriors were basically a poor man's Clippers (with arguably a higher ceiling) and became the Spurs on steroids. All in one season. What was the biggest contribution?

Lol I bring this up because someone on a youtube video in the comments said the NBA is rigged and they just had to make the Warriors great because they needed a new super team.

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