Kevin Durant makes a good point about Super Teams

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» Thu Jun 15, 2017 12:35 am

Durant was asked about his Warriors Super team and how they manage to put their egos aside. Durant said that nobody thought that Curry would become the player he is. Teams passed up on him. People thought Klay would just be an okay shooter and nothing else. And nobody even thought Green would even play in the NBA, a 6 foot 5 power forward. People passed up on Livingstaun when he got injured. McGee was traded many times.

So he has a good point. There are a lot of talented players out there. But the problem with other teams is that very few of them actually play together and play the right way. San Antonio plays the right way. They are lacking a little bit of youth and talent right now, but they still managed to string together 60 wins. If you want to go by talent alone, the Cavaliers have much more star power than San Antonio. But why is San Antonio considered more stacked? They play the right way. Cavaliers don't all play the wrong way, but there is a lot of isolation ball on that team and a lack of defense.

I'll give Houston a little credit for shooting 3 pointers. But the problem is they don't play the rest of the game, there's very little defense.

To build a team nowadays, you need to be able to shoot the 3 ball. But you also need to be able to set screens, pass, play unselfishly, and play defense. It helps to have players like Patrick McCaw, Iguodala, Kawhi Leonard, and versatile players that can do many things. I feel that when you have guys like Westbrook getting triple doubles after triple doubles, it's going to be very hard to build true chemistry around that if that's all those types of players want to do to earn their living.

So if anything, hopefully the Warriors can raise the level of play of other teams. Forget about trying to even out the teams. The Warriors built mostly from drafting well. And they have unselfish stars and good coaching and management. The Warriors are a more exciting brand of San Antonio. More teams need to play with a real system if they want to have a chance. This league is no longer about Iso ball and scoring 70 points or getting triple doubles. That's not for winning.

So the league should stop complaining. And like Adam Silver said, ''You just have to do better. You have to raise your games.'' And I believe he is right. Teams must adapt if they wish to compete from here on out. This is essentially good for basketball. Teams will realize that their old, archaic ways will no longer work. You need a system. You need hard work. Of course you need talent as well. It doesn't mean you can win, but it will at least give you a chance to be competitive. No more excuses from sorry fans.That's why I don't feel for sorry fans anymore when they complain about Kd going to Warriors. If your team doesn't play the right way, they wouldn't win anyways even with talent. So the bottom line is teams have to adapt and come up with their own system. It's put up or shut up.
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» Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:54 am
I like this post Stairway and agree pretty much.

The thing with the Warriors is that they did almost all of it with great decision making. As far as the player personnel it was through great drafting. Curry was picked, then Klay, both were thought of as just shooters and nothing more. Following draft it was Barnes, Ezeli and Green, all contributors, all fitted in and the last one, Green, was a second round pick that was considered least likely to make it in the nba of those three.

Through the draft the team has also gotten still present players Looney and McCaw, not sure if McAdoo was as well. That's value in drafting to say the least the last eight odd years.

The FO traded Monta Ellis, considered the best player on the team at the time and one of the best scorers and playmakers in the nba at the time, for the injured Bogut, who had different injuries most seasons in his career up until that point. He was a risk but one that would fit in if it worked and it did.

They had to trade three future 1st rounders I think it was, to get the expiring contracts of Richard Jefferson and Biedrins to the Utah Jazz and to be able to sign Iguodala, who was a great fit and took a lesser role himself, though he has decreased from his allstar level the season before he came to the Warriors. Livingston was a risky castoff who also fit in. Ian Clark is a role player at best who also happens to fit in, in his role that is, like everyone else.

The key to all this - The players all fit very well.

The team is as great as it is because the players fit into their roles and accept them.

When looking at which players are the best to build a team around most say Steph Curry. Curry was the center piece, and still is, for the team's success. Players like him, talented, unselfish, good attitude and willing to improve and learn, are what makes great teams. Curry is flawed but the things he does well he does really well and fit with other players.

You add Durant, who only went to the Warriors because he saw how well built they were, and the team is among the greatest ever. Durant is also unselfish and fits in with the other players.

Getting the one year minimum veterans was a product of the great team building and most teams in the past thirty odd years who were championship caliber attracted those players.

The Warriors got nothing given to them, they were built with great decisions and acceptance of roles by all involved.
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» Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:58 am
Let me ask you this. Do other players just not want to buy into the team concept? As far as I'm concerned, ,every team now should be playing like a real team. And that means the Spurs, the Warriors, the Hawks a couple years ago, the Celtics several years ago. For team success, the Westbrook and Harden way is outdated. Yes, players are playing like that, but when it comes to winning, that style of play is not going to get it done. If you're Lebron, you can go far and get to the Finals with that type of play in the East, but in the end it's not the best style of play to win.

So I don't know why players complain about competition when everyone should be more focused on getting better and getting better collectively. This is the professionals here. You have to be able to adapt.

Out of 450 players, no players have the potential to be a Draymond? Very sad the way some of these teams play. Looks very elementary. It's on them to get better if they want to compete. It's all about putting your ego aside and going to work. If your organization is not dedicated to improving, you're not going to compete. And that means doing a lot more than just throwing money at players.

Sure, Lebron works very hard. But he is the one who made management make all the decisions they make, to build around him. If that's how he wants to continue to work, trading Love for Melo for example, then that shows he just wants to keep doing things his way. If he thinks playing faster and faster is the way to compete with Golden State, then that is his way of doing it... Remember people, every move he makes is his decision. The Warriors have been making all the right decisions and that is why they are at where they're at. Not the Warriors fault 20 other teams passed on Draymond because he was too short. The Warriors are the one's making the right decisions. Klay and Green may have never been All stars if they didn't join the Warriors.
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» Fri Jun 16, 2017 8:58 pm
It's like with anything in life - If you want success and the desired result, you have to take the steps to do it. The nba is now very much team orientated, which is great in that most of the players on a team contribute well, and the aim of most teams is now to become like that.

I think Lebron is pretty unselfish in his playing style, maybe not persona. He has had success and his Cleveland team came close to taking the Warriors to possibly six or seven games, it just isn't the real team style of play, it is revolving around him mostly.

Draymond is one of the greatest success stories of a player that I've seen in my almost thirty years of being an nba fan. He sort of came out of nowhere and worked hard to get to where he is. Not many people would have such desire and truth is not many people who have had that desire and worked hard have succeeded, so it is not really a negative to think to not try to so hard at least.

The Warriors are built the right way.

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