Very early legit concerns about this Team

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» Sat Oct 29, 2016 3:42 am
JReed, all I can say now is I hope that they trade for Bogut again by All Star break or so. I was talking to my friend yesterday and he says there's no reason why they can't pay Bogut if they want to win. The owners make so much money, they can afford Bogut and go over the luxury tax if they really want to get Bogut or a center. Just my 2 cents.

Kevon Looney looked pretty good though. He has a 7 foot 4 arm span. I think it was smart of Kerr to try experimenting with him in the line up. And when Damian Jones comes back, I think he can become like a rookie Festus Ezeli, who helped us out in his first year.

Lasty, I really think they should try putting McGee to use. He has the talent to be the best shot blocker in the league. But he never put his talent to full use.
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» Wed Nov 02, 2016 12:30 am
It is nice to see the team win and yet Klay hasn't played well yet. I can see the team winning by more per game than last season.

Also does anyone know a good torrent site to download the games. The site I used for years has gone bust.

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» Tue Nov 08, 2016 9:58 pm
There were some wholesale changes made to this Warrior roster and the team is still learning how to play together as a cohesive unit. We Warrior fans need to relax and watch this team improve.

Some observations that may make people feel better:
1. Draymond Green as a distributor and facilitator on offense, while previously good, is looking even better;
2. Draymond Green denies the man whom he is guarding both the interior as well as perimeter entry pass, and this will only inspire his teammates to also increase its defensive intensity;
3. KD is a better finisher when driving to the basket than anyone else whom this team has had on its roster since David Lee;
4. Curry and Thompson are the best 1-2 combination backcourt in the league;
5. Andre Iguodala can defend 4 different positions and unselfishly leads the second unit when they are on the floor together;
6. McGee, Pachulia, West, McAdoo, Looney, and Jones can all play both power forward as well as center (watch for McAdoo to have a breakout game soon and do not dismiss Varejao as he still has game left in his tank) and will play much harder than a maligner like Bogut (overrated, overpaid, always MIA when there is a big game);
7. Ian Clark and Shaun Livingston will both contribute and the team does not miss a beat when Curry needs to be given a spell on the bench with either Clark or Livingston in the game (btw, Clark can break down his defender off the dribble and get into the key while Livingston can post up his defender, which both add major headaches for opposing defenders);
8. And let's not forget Patrick McCaw, an athletic and smart rookie, can be to the backcourt what Draymond is the frontcourt, a player who can play lock-down defense, outhustle others for rebounds, and score in streaks.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, this Warrior team will give Steve Kerr the versatility to play 5 players at one time who can all rebound, play defense, drive to the basket, and make the 3-point shot. A nightmare scenario for opposing teams will be a lineup with KD and Draymond splitting back and forth from power forward to center, Iguodala at small forward, Klay at shooting guard, and Livingston at point guard. This lineup will allow for Curry to rest while the lineup will punish opponents with multiple looks, screens, and drives to the basket on offense, and a swarming and switching defense that can lock-down every team in the league.

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