Can Durant pull a DeAndre Jordan?

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» Tue Jul 05, 2016 12:58 am
You see that's why I don't fully trust these verbal signings. Until it's official, you don't really know. I even heard a theory from a writer that this would be Durant's way of making the Warriors unload so that he can go back to OKC and beat them. So until the contract is signed, we don't even know if this is going to happen or if it's a hoax. Remember Jordan last year? Stopped returning the calls and got pressured by the Clippers. Who's to say KD won't have a change of heart after hearing the criticism? He is always affected by what he hears.
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» Tue Jul 05, 2016 4:26 pm
No chance. KD would look insanely bad after all this to pull out - even the neutral fans that hate him for this move would lose more respect for him. He wants to be here, and the public backlash is having zero impact on him - he's definitely blocking out the noise and not reading tweets ftom salty fans, that's for sure.

What Jordan did was pretty much unprecedented, and the actions of a scared kid that was woo'd by a savvy businessman in Cuban, but got cold feet when the fear of change was eminent. It's possible that Jordan couldn't handle the odea of carrying a franchise - something KD has done fora decade. KD is a man, and far more mature and intelligent - he knew full well what his decision meant to leave, and has committed to getting SOME RINGS!

Which is another thing making this situation entirely different - Jordan had no promise of winning in Dallas, and could have even been leaving for a worse situation, but that's clearly not the case here.

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» Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:27 am
Jordan was leaving LA. Durant is leaving okc for the bay. I think theres a difference there also.

Barkley was on mike and mike today crying about the durant move. His only real point was players didnt do that in his era. Emailers instantly said what about when he went to Houston?!? He said I didnt want to do that, "I didnt want to leave Phoenix." BS and heres an article from 1996.

Charles A Rocket Man Barkley Gets His Wish: A Trade To Houston

Daily News Wire Services
Posted: August 19, 1996

Look out, Michael, Scottie and Dennis. There's a new superstar trio aiming for an NBA title.

Hakeem, Clyde . . . and Charles.

Charles Barkley is headed to the Houston Rockets, where he will get his last, best chance at a long-desired NBA championship, playing with center Hakeem Olajuwon and guard Clyde Drexler.

The former Sixer was traded from Phoenix to the Rockets for four players - free agents Sam Cassell, Robert Horry, Chuckie Brown and Mark Bryant - in a deal that seems sure to have NBA marketing people trumpeting a Houston-Chicago showdown all season long. Phoenix radio station KTAR said the Suns would announce the trade at a 7 p.m. EDT press conference today. Houston radio station KTRH said the deal awaited only NBA approval.

Barkley flew into Houston last night, but he spent a good part of the day at his home near Philadelphia.

``I'm very excited,'' he told two Philly TV stations. ``Obviously, it's something I wanted to do. Houston was my first priority.''

And a perfect fit, Barkley said.

``At this stage of my career, I'm not a great player. I'm a good player,'' he said. ``But with Hakeem and Clyde, I have a great shot at a championship.''

Barkley said he was in better shape than ``at any point in the past three or four years.''

In Houston last night, Barkley avoided a crowd awaiting his arrival at Intercontinental Airport. He exited the plane onto the tarmac and got into a limousine.

Barkley, 33, has two years left on his contract, which pays him $4.6 million next season. The combined salaries of the four Houston players are within the allowable 15 percent of Barkley's salary, bringing the deal into compliance with the league's salary-cap restrictions.

The Rockets also appear ready to announce the signing of free-agent center Kevin Willis, a 7-footer who can play power forward and back up Olajuwon. Willis divided last year between Miami and Golden State.

It is the second trade for Barkley. The fifth pick in the 1985 draft, he played eight seasons for the Sixers before being traded to the Suns for Jeff Hornacek, Andrew Lang and Tim Perry on June 17, 1992.

Phoenix reached the NBA Finals in 1993 before losing to the Bulls, but Barkley's relationship with the Suns soured last season, and he has said he would retire if they didn't trade him to a contender. In an interview with NBC during the NBA finals in June, Barkley said Houston was among the teams he would consider joining.

Barkley said he was pleased with the way the deal had worked out.

``I called the shots,'' he said. ``When push comes to shove, I think you have to stand up to the system.''

The Rockets have aggressively pursued a deal for Barkley this summer. Rumors last month had Barkley going to Houston in a three-way deal that would have sent Horry and Cassell to Denver and center Dikembe Mutombo to Phoenix.

According to the Republic, the Rockets made a new offer to the Suns last week that added Brown to the package of Horry and Cassell. After the deal was rejected, the Rockets agreed to the Suns' demand to add Bryant.

Bryant, an eight-year veteran, would strengthen the Suns' defense and rebounding. Cassell, 25, and Horry, 26, played key roles in the Rockets' championships in 1994 and 1995.

Barkley hopes the Rockets can add a third in '97.

``On paper, this is the best team I've ever played on,'' he said. ``But that doesn't mean anything unless we get it done.''

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» Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:45 am
Barkley also said that an okc team without westbrook and ibaka but with durant is the best team in the west. he said their draft pick, Sabonis, will be great for 10-15 years. :withstupid:

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» Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:46 am
It's not going to happen.

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» Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:34 pm
look for the press conference to introduce Durant on thursday

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