The Warriors needed to Lose For LongTerm Character Building

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» Fri Jun 24, 2016 10:50 pm
The fact is that Bob Myers is right. You don't grow by only winning. By losing in the worst of possible circumstances, the Warriors now knows how it feels to reach the top and have the heavy metal snatched away from them. Just think about Rocky 3. Rocky got beat by Clubber Lang and while it rattled him at first, he needed that loss to wake him up and get hungrier and more focused than ever. Without adversity, you can never truly grow.

The Warriors got complacent this year. They were as hungry as ever at the start of the season when they went 24 and 0. They were on a Mission. They were trying to prove all the haters wrong about them getting lucky. And as a result they were winning at a record rate and they started getting all the accolades, all the awards, and all the spotlight. Unanimous MVP, 3 all stars, 73 wins, and Coach of the Year. The Warriors were playing regular season games as if those games were all the NBA Finals. And on top of that, their opponents were playing like it was the Superbowl. It was just a long year for the Warriors.

Once the Warriors had reached the playoffs, you could sense that they just wanted to get it over with. They faced adversity against OKC, who was playing like the the hungrier team. And the Warriors were able to dig deep and climb back to victory. But once they went up 3 to 1 to Cleveland, things changed and while the refs screwed the Warriors, the Warriors could not help themselves to beat the Rigging. They were dead in the water and lost the drive that they had at the beginning of the season to show the world what they were made of.

That all changes now. The Warriors have reached crossroads. Now it becomes much more interesting actually. After blowing a 3 to 1 lead and embarrassing themselves, showing their mortality, and getting 0 respect from the officials and Adam Silver, it's up to the Warriors to decide how they are going to respond. Are they happy with their 73 wins? Or now do they want to dig deep and become fully committed to bringing out the best in themselves? Are they going to play for the hype or are they going to play from their heart? These are all questions that remain to be seen. But what has happened is a very valuable lesson for the Warriors. Just because you are on top, doesn't mean it will be easy. You are always going to have to get better.
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» Sun Jun 26, 2016 8:40 am
I don't think they got complacent I think they wore down mentally and physically. they are not machines, they are humans. And I honestly think curry was hurting more than he put on, he had no explosiveness throughout the playoffs and could not get to the rim and finish like he did all year.

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