The anti-overreaction, "Season is over because we lost 1 game" thread

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» Mon Mar 21, 2016 7:10 pm
Stairway Man wrote:JReed, I don't want to call you out and say you're writing BS.

Please do, I dare you. No offense stairway, but you have no evidence, only conjecture. If you want to actually debate, rather than starting every post with how you feel or asking open ended questions as if you're challenging me to answer, then you're going to need to back it up.
Stairway Man wrote:But a part of me believes that we aren't looking at everything.

You obviously aren't. I've already pointed out all the things you're failing to factor in.
Stairway Man wrote:We have lost 7 games but the Spurs only lost 10 games and many, many of our wins have come off of what others deem as miracle shots, whereas the Spurs seem to put teams away without needing that last shot. So we very easily could be behind the Spurs. Can you admit that?

I gave you numbers in the other thread - facts - you give me... what? You're inaccurate recollection of our season?
Stairway Man wrote:Now how are we going to guard Diaw? Diaw may ver well be the best post up player in the league, even though he's really slow. He just sorta takes his time, and lets the game come to him. What's our answer to Diaw?

You do this after every loss - "What's our answer for [Insert name of random player that had a good game against us]?" If you're worried about Diaw, I can't help you, man. What I mean, is if I need to explain to you why a 33 year old, career bench/role player should not be a primary concern after one good game, I don't know what to say besides, "LOL!"
Stairway Man wrote:Last night Curry didn't look confident. He couldn't get to the basket, he couldn't shake the defenders on him. How do you explain that?
Fatigue? Off night? Doesn't matter, because your argument is circular and you'll just tell me I'm making excuses regardless of the answer.
Stairway Man wrote:If Curry really was who we all think he is, he would have taken over with adrenaline and got the job done. Last night was the WRONG night to go off his game or whatever the case may be because we needed the win. 33 straight losses now in San Antonio. I know most of those other losses have nothing to do with us, but the FACT IS that they should be extra motivated to end that streak because they know it is looming over their heads. But they couldn't handle the pressure or out execute San Antonio.
Jesus... ok here's where I'm going to stop because I'd much rather discuss actual basketball than be trolled. Where do you get that Curry wants us to think anything? Where are these imaginary narratives coming from? And I'm sorry if the fact that, the guy is having the best season in NBA history, isn't good enough for you. Not sure what else to tell you. We also didn't need that win, which is a fact you refuse to accept.
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» Mon Mar 21, 2016 8:29 pm
Stairway Man wrote:Read Skip Bayless's twitter. He said he had no faith in the Spurs, but after the win he said the Warriors have no excuses because Pop barely played Duncan. Now he says Spurs can beat the Warriors. Total flip flop. I feel we can never win in San Antonio. Yes I do think we have more talent than them, but they seem to get the right bounces and will their way to wins against us. It's a mental thing. Older brother teaching the younger brother. I feel Warriors are intimidated.

Bottom line is the Warriors are cursed against the Spurs. They still won't win in SA this year. They SHOULD win and CAN win but they WON'T win for whatever reason. It's just not meant to be. It's a curse. As long as Duncan is on the team, we won't beat them for whatever the reason is.

Why do you keep referencing skip bayless as thought he is some kind of expert? Who gives a damn if he thinks the spurs can beat the warriors. It will not be an easy road to a repeat and I wouldn't be shocked if we don't win the title, as good as we are we can be beat. I think we have a great shot, but come on bro just enjoy the ride! All the years of sucking and we are finally on top, quit worrying about what ifs and just enjoy this historic run!
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» Tue Mar 22, 2016 6:07 pm
I've deliberately avoided this forum after the Warriors lost to the Spurs until now as I knew Stairway was going to overreact and I wanted to avoid reading any of his posts.

Jreed, keep up the good work. Common sense will prevail.
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» Tue Mar 22, 2016 11:21 pm
Ringo wrote:I've deliberately avoided this forum after the Warriors lost to the Spurs until now as I knew Stairway was going to overreact and I wanted to avoid reading any of his posts.

Jreed, keep up the good work. Common sense will prevail.

Thanks man, but that's my concern - people avoiding the for because of the negative overreaction.

I've tried, but I'm throwing in the towel on this one, because common sense has not prevailed. I like stairway, but it gets old trying to convince a Warriors fan that our historically great team isn't a bunch of pretenders. He'll just need to reach thay conclusion on his own. Really, the same goes for all Dubs fans that are petrified of the big bad wolf Spurs.
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» Fri Mar 25, 2016 5:11 pm
Stairway Man wrote:We have lost 7 games but the Spurs only lost 10 games

I'm not gonna respond to ALLLLLLLLLLLLL of this alarmist, histrionic, sky-is-falling Chicken Little bullsh*t (JREED has pretty much got every base covered on that), but I wanted to draw attention to this sentence. THIS quote in particular seems to represent how you've viewed this entire season, Stairway.

"We have lost 7, but they've only lost 10"....

In what universe is 10 losses more impressive than 7? That means the Spurs have 30% more losses in their column than we do. And don't feed me that margin-of-victory line, either; the Spurs would trade that glitzy, meaningless stat in an INSTANT for the #1 seed. They do not want to have to play 4 games at Oracle in a 7 game series. Gregg f'ing Popovich does not want to see the Warriors in a 7-game series. So, as far as I'm concerned, margin of victory would be a tie-breaker in the event that this contest were even... which is not. Not by a long shot. The Spurs put an L on us? Fine. So did the Bucks and the Lakers and I don't hear anybody stocking any bomb shelters in horror of those two juggernauts.

Sure, I could roll off the excuses if I were so inclined. I could bring up the fact that we played all but 6 minutes of the game without a center (and that center was Varejao, whom - while I've enjoyed his addition - I would easily rank behind Bogut AND Ezeli on the depth chart).

You claim there was nearly no Duncan? Well, there didn't need to be. The Spurs' other big man, LaMarcus Alderidge, feasted on the lack of inside coverage, to the tune of 26 & 13. Boris Diaw - San Antonio's other starting big - likewise went 6-for-7.

Tony Parker, meanwhile? 2-of-8. Kawhi Leonard was 5-of-14. Danny Green shot 40%. Patty Mills clocked in at 20%.

What does that tell you? That this game was won INSIDE.

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson will not go 11-of-38 every game. And with Bogut in tow to make it tougher on these guys in the paint? Please.

BUT AGAIN... I would simply prefer to say: it's one game. And anyone can win one game. No excuses. I take nothing from San Antonio. They won, fair & square. But am I shaking like a windy leaf over the Spurs? Please. I can't even compare to the level of panic that you've displayed since this loss.

I mean, at this point, I genuinely believe 1 of 2 things is going on here:

1, you're attempting to play Devil's Advocate, at any cost, ala Skip Bayless, because you think having someone voice the other side of every issue enriches this place. Or:

2, you're superstitious... you're been crying wolf all season long... and you're afraid that if you stop with this end-of-the-world jargon, somehow the Warriors will lose their mojo.

Either way, at this point brother, I can't help you... and I doubt anybody can. If I've learned one thing about you during our time together on this forum, it is that you fret over things that don't even skim across the rest of our radar and you take the opinions of other fan bases entirely too seriously. The Golden State Warriors - excuse me - your reigning champion, #1 seeded, MVP-led, historically-winning-paced Golden State motherf*cking Warriors need to win 7 of their final 11 games to overtake the immortal, timelessly hallowed, Michael Jeffery Jordan Bulls (and, bear in mind, the Warriors have won at a 90% clip this year, so 7 of 11 - 8 of which, by the way, are at Oracle - seems pretty damn doable).

We are witnessing the greatest basketball team in NBA history.

And you're complaining about the Spurs...?

I can't imagine, bro. I simply can't imagine following a sports team in that mindset. God bless, bro. And go Dubs.
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» Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:22 pm
32, it's 9 out of 11.
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» Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:09 pm
This team is DONE. Lost to Boston at home, no longer hold the best home record in the league. Stephen Curry is showing every single day that he is weak. He can be guarded. I feel very sorry for us. It was fun for almost 2 years. But here we go right back down to Earth.

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» Fri Apr 01, 2016 10:15 pm
With Bogut and Ezili we beat boston by 50.
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» Sat Apr 02, 2016 12:47 am
mullin17 wrote:With Bogut and Ezili we beat boston by 50.

Boston has our number

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» Sat Apr 02, 2016 7:17 am
Stairway Man wrote:Boston has our number

barfrofflmao. thanks thats a good one

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