Why did Pachulia get more votes than Green?

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» Fri Jan 22, 2016 3:37 am
I don't get it. The Warriors just blew 2 of the top teams out and Green had the lead. The Warriors are supposed to be the premiere team of the NBA. You go to road games and you see so many Warrior fans. And yet not only does Leonard get voted over Green all of a sudden but Zach Pachouli? I don't understand. And OKC deserves 2 starting all stars? I'd be okay with that if only Kobe didn't have to start. To be honest, I barely even knew who Zach Pachouli was and didn't even know he played for Dallas. He got more votes than the guy on the best team with the most triple doubles? How in the world did that happen? Did Mark Cuban pull something savvy off?

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