What's gonna be the impact next season of losing David Lee

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» Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:43 am
here's a recent article of the players responding to Lee being traded:

http://www.cbssports.com/nba/writer/ken ... o-it-again

David Lee was such a big part of what you accomplished. What was the most difficult aspect of seeing him go?

Curry: He was a part of the Warrior identity and what we built. He and I have been here the longest, seeing the changing tide of the whole organization. And he had a whole lot to do with that rise. I'm so happy he got a ring on his way out and will be able to remember this season. But it's tough to lose a guy that put so much work in and went through so many experiences with us. So I obviously wish him nothing but the best. It's going to be real awkward not seeing him in our locker room next year.

Green: Man, that's our brother. To see him go is tough. He was there all three years I've been there, and he and Steph were the last guys left from the old ownership. So they've seen the changes and they have a certain appreciation for it because they were there in the dog days -- and they were there in the glory days. You hate to see anyone leave because you build a bond, and so you hate to see anyone go. But I know D-Lee still has a lot left in the tank, and I think he's been placed in a situation where he'll get the opportunity to show that.

Thompson: His leadership. How good of a teammate he was -- not only how he took a back seat this year, but how he sacrificed a lot. He could've been an unhappy camper, but he was the ultimate professional. He stayed ready and made a huge impact in the Finals. I'm so happy he got a ring, man. It took him 10 years and he's never going to take it for granted.

Barnes: He was there from the beginning. He went to the Warriors before it was cool, and won 23 games. So he saw all the ups and downs, and even though his role changed, he was a big part of what we accomplished. It was so good to see him get a ring, and wherever we all end up down the road, whenever we see him we'll remember the experiences -- the championship, the parade, the sacrifices -- and we'll always share that together.

what do ya'll think? I think the path to a ring next year will be tougher. Clippers will be better, Spurs better, Rockets meh, Grizzlies adding Matt Barnes was a nice addition. Then there's always the Kings to worry about :mrgreen: On paper - talent wise, the team downgraded, basically swapping David Lee for Jason Thompson. Then again, he hardly played for the beginning of the season 'cause of injury and the Warriors did fine. I think he'll be missed in the playoffs though. Lee's composure and post-game came up big vs the Grizzlies and Cavs for some pivotal games in the playoffs.
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» Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:58 am
Kerr did a pretty good job marginalizing Lee during the regular season, so his loss might be less apparent than it would have been had he been traded coming off 30 minutes per game. To Lee's credit, Kerr was forced to go to him when the offense stalled in the rigid playoff series vs Memphis and Cleveland. It'll be interesting to see how well Kerr's offense flows without that bail-out player in the wings on the nights when Klay and Steph just aren't hitting... which happen. I know these guys are great, but when jump shooters go cold, it is UGLY and David Lee was handy to pick up the offense during those stretches. You can't ask the same of Bogut, Speights, Thompson, or Green. They just don't have the same offensive game. The closest one is Speights, but even he is a spout that a playmaker has to turn on. None of our bigs can initiate their own offense anymore off the block. Lee was that guy. Thus far, Kerr has made a career out of claiming we don't need that guy. I guess we'll see during our encore year.
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» Mon Aug 31, 2015 5:21 am
David Lee was a good teammate his teammates say but he could not be a part of any winning going forward. It'll be interesting over the next two years because Barnes and Ezeli, maybe Speights, will be overpriced and leaving, depending on any trades to cut salary that take place. This ownership has done great but the keeping it all together or changing personnel slightly to stay at a high level will be a challenge.
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» Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:33 pm
Honest question. Do we win the chip without David Lee if everything else was equal? He gave us very good minutes against Memphis. Would we have got past Memphis? David Lee was providing us with instant offense and he him and Kerr seemed to do exactly what 32 thought they had planned. Lee came in and gave us a punch when it counted. We needed some easy baskets against Memphis and Cleveland and he provided that for us.

Would we have won without Lee? I like Draymond, but Draymond can't get the easy, finesse buckets and finish and do pick and rolls the way Lee can.

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