1st round against NO

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» Thu Apr 16, 2015 2:06 am
We got the Pelicans and Anthony Davis.

Think the team will sweep them but it could be a little harder than first thought. Green will have it tough against ADavis but if Green can hit a few outside shots, ADavis will be brought out from the lane to defend him, opening things up for the team to take it to the basket. Maybe it will be Klay defending Tyreke and Jrue Holiday isn't 100% yet.

Think Curry and Klay will definitely have to be scoring well for the team to have a big advantage. If NO is able to slow the game down and not let the team run, it could be close games but think the team will be able to do what the want most of the time.
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» Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:07 am
biggest concern is Anthony Davis is the kind of player who can win a game by himself. biggest concern is him getting our bigs in foul trouble.
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» Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:38 pm
rockyBeli wrote:biggest concern is Anthony Davis is the kind of player who can win a game by himself. biggest concern is him getting our bigs in foul trouble.

With Ezeli starting to look like he can contribute in important situations, we'll probably be in much better shape for this series than we would have been a month ago. I agree, AD's ability to get to the line is going be a huge factor, so I'd look for Bogut and Festus to get their money's worth out of some of these fouls and hopefully make him think twice about coming into the paint.

If there was a time I think 32's Lee theory might actually work, it's in this series. Lee of course is a foul machine (IMO the worst part of his game), but he's also a crafty post scorer. If he can use the pump-fake (something he's for some reason never been consistent with) and get the less experienced Davis in the air, then we might be able to actually get him into foul trouble early on. I would say Green could be a good option because he looks for contact, but he just doesn't get the calls, as evident by the last time we saw NO. Of course that was one of the worst officiated games all season and I expect the playoffs to be much better. Honestly, I haven't seen Davis play that much this season so I'm not sure how susceptible he is to bite on fakes. It could be he doesn't feel the need to even jump with his size and length.

As will be the story for the Warriors playoff run, if Curry and/or Klay are hot, then teams just won't have an answer... because there isn't one. With the way we defend, all we need is one 5 minute stretch with one of those guys shooting lights-out, to put the game out of reach.

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