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» Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:46 am
rockyBeli wrote:Man this is tough!

I've been teetering on the fence on this trade if it includes Klay... I think what it comes down to for me is Opportunity. Going forward, how many times do you get the opportunity to add a big man of Kevin Love's caliber? Pretty slim I'd say. Now, do I trust that he is a real "superstar" or just some guy that puts up big numbers on a sucky team and it doesn't translate to winning? I think he is the real deal, and how nice would it be to have Love who is a guy -- like Blake Griffin -- who commands double teams. We saw how effective a player like that was for the Clips with Blake. It's a game changer. Having Curry & Love pick and pop would be a ridiculous thing to cover. So the 2nd thing is, who's services would be more difficult to replace - Klay or Love? Obviously Love. That's another factor. Klay is actually pretty rare though being a great shooter who plays excellent D.

The main thing is when you look around the NBA at teams who are going far in the playoffs -- they have 2 or 3 stars / superstars. The Curry & Love tandem would be the building block for years to come. The HARD PART is to find the superstars, not the 'very good' players or 'role players' ... so because of that, although I love Klay's game, I couldn't be mad if this trade went down. And if it doesn't, the status quo isn't so bad when you consider that there's still room for growth from the younger players.

I think they will make the Klay trade if they have to. They're just waiting to see if Minnesota buckles and gives in for something less. They don't feel anyone else out there has a better deal to offer. As time goes on, I'd be worried about losing out on making the deal, but they seem to think this is the way to play it. It's tricky, but I've got confidence they're doing the right thing no matter how it turns out.
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» Sun Jul 13, 2014 11:32 am
I'd say don't offer Klay. Keep it Barnes and Lee. And then when they are about to close in on a deal with the Cavs, then throw in Thompson at the last minute.
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» Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:08 am
I understand about having more than one superstar and looking ahead to the future that would be a nice direction to go to but I also see what the fact is right now and that is that Love can opt out after one season and then leave. That is not what I want, just too risky. Klay is ours and the FO should resign him for the max, if that is what he wants, and move forward without going for Love, who looks likely to go to Cleveland anyway. Let Cleveland have the issue of Love possibly leaving after just one season and Lebron after two, as he apparently has a player option after two seasons. I like very much the team we now have and would like the team to stay a playoff one at least for as long as possible. Two seasons ago we almost beat the Spurs, who really should have been champions and that shows the potential of the team we have and Iguodala and Livingston and the potential is even higher.

Getting another superstar would be great but Love is not a stable one with the fact he could leave after one season. I think other opportunities for improvement will appear. The FO should extend Klay and see what the situation with Lee is in one year, as he may be worth keeping and resigning for about half of what he is on now next offseason. This team is very good and on the verge of being a contender as it is.
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» Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:14 pm
Let's make this clear: if the Warriors deal Klay Thompson for Kevin Love, they will ONLY do so with an agreed upon extension in place for Love. No team is trading assets for Love without a verbal commitment to resign. You can't breach a verbal contract in the NBA; if Love agrees to come to Golden State, they'll make him sign an extension as part of the deal. There is literally zero chance they obtain Love for only 1 year.
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» Tue Jul 15, 2014 7:57 pm
Maybe they trade Klay if they do get Martin back. Martin can hit 3's off the bench, Love can hit a lot of 3's as well. Combined, you probably gain 3's. You do lose some defense, but you gain in rebounding. Also, you have a 6 ft 7 guard in Livingston. The key is to hope that Barnes blossoms. The only real hole you may have is Speights, but who needs a back up power forward when you have Love and Green? You may lose Klay, but if you have Iguodala and Martin as your off guards, you are not doing bad, trust me.

Curry- Livingston
Iguodala- Martin
Barnes- Green
Love- Speights
Bogut- Ezeli, O'neal ?

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