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» Mon May 05, 2014 7:28 am
The team is shaky at the moment. Mark Jackson likely will be removed as Head Coach meaning that the playing style of the team, which is now defense first, might change and therefore maybe the level of success of the team. Mark Jackson has been a success as a coach, that's the truth, having lead the team from a nonplayoff one to now having won 51 games and making the playoffs two straight years in a row, the first time in twenty two years and he did this in three years.

The bench also has players that are out of contract, namely Jermaine, Blake and Crawford. Likely Jermaine and Blake are gone, Jermaine might retire and Blake because of age. Crawford might return with the Qualifying Offer but that also means he'd be paid about 3.2 million next season and that might be overpriced and too much for the team to keep. That means two or three players at least will need to be replaced and not much money is there to use, as the starters eat up most of the salary cap.

The biggest issue and topic with the team, not just this year either but for a good three years, has been David Lee and that he is overpaid and should be traded. I'm not sure he is worth the salary he gets but I think he is not far off it and is a top 10 PF. I'm all for trading him but only for an upgrade, not to just cut salary, as then we'd be back to mediocrity again. I have been saying for a while now that Kevin Love should be targeted because he has made it clear that he is unhappy with the TWolves FO's failure to make them a very good team and since he has a Player Option on his contract to opt out after next season, Minnesota will lose him for nothing if they don't trade him this offseason. Love is an elite player who in actually fact is similar to Lee in that he strength is on offense but defensively he is lacking. He is better than Lee at everything Lee is good at. Since history has shown that superstars never get equal value in return, we might not have to trade two starters to get Love. Lee, Barnes and Speights could be enough for Love and since Love is young himself, if we had to throw in a future 1st rounder, yea we've thrown out a few with the trade to Utah, so be it, the return is far to great not to.

Personally, I believe the team is built to contend as it is. The fact that they barely lost to the contender Clippers in seven games with Bogut, the Center who is top 10 and the anchor of the third best defense in the nba, as well as having nagging injuries to Iguodala and Lee, shows that the team is real good. I'm all for changes to upgrade if they are sure upgrades. Injuries played a major factor in the team not winning more in the regular season and then not advancing in the playoffs so I think this team is real good and better than what I've seen in my twenty five odd years as a fan.

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