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» Thu May 01, 2014 10:52 am
Maybe a little late for one of these, but screw it...

Migs said in the game 5 thread that he was happy with how the dubs have shown up for this series, I completely disagree. I am very disappointed with how we’ve played. It’s true that I didn’t think we stood a chance without Bogut, but when I saw how average the Clippers really are, and realized that we really are the more talented team.

I’m tired of hearing guys like Fitz say stuff to the effect of, “When you see Jordan have a night like to night, you can’t help but think there’s a large Aussie that could have changed that.” That is not the reason we haven’t won this series by now. It’s obvious that turnovers and poor decision making (players and coaching) have been our downfall. We could have easily won games 3 and 5, and not be playing game 6 tonight.

I don’t make a lot of assessments on play-calls, lineups, and stuff like that - mainly because I don’t feel like I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to basketball – but I think it’s obvious what our deficiencies are, and what we need to do differently. I'd like to open the conversation to get your guys' takes...

  1. Start Green – this is going to happen anyways, but I wanted a shout out to our series MVP to be no. 1.
  2. Don’t be discouraged by the soft reffing in the Clips’s favor – we did this when we got into foul trouble in game 5 and it killed us. Keep playing tough D! If they blow the whistle, fine because we’re going to lose either way (not playing close D or if we get into foul trouble) – Let the refs beat us, not the Clippers.
  3. DO NOT PLAY SPEIGHTS – at least not on Jordan or Griffin. He is horrible defending these guys.
  4. DEATH BY PICK AND ROLL – This and our screen game, killed the Clippers in game 1, it works every time we go back to it, and this is the single biggest reason why David Lee is a starter. Lee and Green are both great here, but Lee’s ability to finish makes him far more dangerous, and the Clips know this. So they leak out to guard him, Curry is either left with a miss-match or has a clean look at a three - pick your poison.
  5. The obvious – Curry, Klay, and Iggy need to show up offensively. Klay has been great (throughout game 2 for everyone), but Curry needs to play angry like he did in the 3rd quarter of game 2. If they want to double him, Klay and Iggy need to hit their shots. Oh, and Lee needs to not have a repeat of game 3 - he has been much better since then.
  6. The bench needs to show up. These guys should be embarrassed of what they’ve done this series. Without Green, they are nothing.
  7. Have a plan and stick to it – I cringed every time the ball came into O’Neal (blackhole of offense), or when Curry would dribble into trouble. Move the ball, know where your outlets are, and know where you need to be. We are unbeatable when we move the ball well. I can't recall the amount of times we took the ball past mid-court and looked like we had no idea what we were doing.
No excuses. We’ve shown that we can beat these d-bags (sorry, but they are, especially Blake) with the guys we have. I don't pretend to know a lot about basketball, but this is my take
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» Thu May 01, 2014 10:44 pm
The team has evened the series 3-3 and has a chance to win the series, where they were given close to zero chance before the series started. They have done well. They have not played well, in fact I think they have played quite awfully compared to how they usually play, but the Clips have as well. The team was stunned to have lost Bogut right at the end of the season and that threw their plan off completely.

The more I look at the way all teams are performing in these playoffs, the more I think the team could be contenders right now, if they just played to their strengths. I don't think any team can successfully guard us with all the athletes and skilled player we have. The outside shooting goes hot at any time and when it does the scoring piles up real quick. Lee is so nifty gliding to the basket that he is near impossible to defend. The defense is great with the likes of Iguodala, Klay and Green, able to slow down most teams. The small ball works great and when the team has gone to that, they have won every game this series. If it all comes together, the team could win it all right this year, because other teams look ordinary so far.

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