Fire Jackson? Who'd be new Head Coach?

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» Tue Apr 26, 2016 5:30 pm
Steve Kerr has been named coach of the year and quite rightly so. His record for not just this season but last season as well is incredible. The noticeable change in the Golden State Warriors team after Kerr took over from Jackson was huge. To think that some people were upset that Jackson had been fired but I guess no one could imagine that the Warriors would get to where they are now as the reigning champs and holder of the record for most wins in the regular season. Congratulations Steve Kerr!
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» Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:24 pm
The contrast between him and Jackson is insane. Jackson was widely criticized for alienating himself and others, creating, or at least contributing to, a toxic environment. He also had his coaching staff built for him (some before he was hired) and had little say in even that regard. MJax did instill D with a lot of help from his staff, but pretty much painted by numbers and always made the safe calls.

Kerr was given the keys to the organization right out the gate, and seemed to make every right move, even when everyone else, and conventional wisdom, doubted it. Benching Lee for Green, Iggy to maximize Barnes and bolster the 2nd unit, and promoting his staff within with former HCs publicly campaigning for an assistant job. Hell, even passing up the prestigious (once) Knicks job.

Lacob caught some flack for acting like, in Doc Rivers's words, "being the smartest in the room," but Keer's actions thus far have proven that he is at least.

It does bug me a little how it seems like Joe steals the spotlight, and sometimes doesn't give enough credit, but that's been overblown. We all know Kerr, Myers, and oir players are who we owe most thanks to.
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» Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:45 pm
Kerr had no experience and took over a team that was touted as a real championship contender and he could have easily done a bad to ordinary job but instead the team has had among the two best seasons in sports history. He deserves the praise and if this continues in some three years he could be mentioned among the best coaches of alltime.

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