Who do the Warriors need to acquire to fill holes ?

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» Thu Feb 28, 2013 12:22 am
At 33-25, I still can't help but think we need to improve our lineup. Yes 33-25 is decent, but when you have Lee and a guy that can score as good as Curry, plus Jack and other quality players, we got to strive for more.

I think that losing Brandon Rush was not favorable. Rush was the perfect guy who could back up Klay or perhaps even start over Barnes. We lost perimeter defense and some additional offense.

Bogut didn't live up to expectations this year with health or performance. He was the guy that was supposed to bring us to 33-25. He has only played with us 12 games. He has never got in full NBA shape, and now he is hurt again with a bad back. A healthy Bogut would have truly enhanced us.

We have too many rookies. They may develop, but one of our weaknesses is being filled with too many rookies. They are good rookies, but it shows at times.

We need a guy who can play both center and power forward. We probably have too many centers right now and not enough long power forwards. Lee and Landry are 2 undersized power forwards. I think Landry more so than Lee. I think that it works against some teams, not so much against others. And between our 3 centers, I don't know if Bogut is the one to keep. Maybe, maybe not. He will come with price and can we really expect much health out of him? Having a big 6th man, like a prime Lamar Odom would work wonders for us. Additionally, it would help us be able to use our full roster, rather than having 3 centers (2 centers and a hurt Bogut).
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» Sat Mar 02, 2013 8:02 pm
I think the biggest and only real hole this season has been at Center, where we've operated with a late 1st round, raw rookie and an unconfident, doesn't care, overpaid athlete. With a healthy Bogut, even for just 60 games, the team would be much, much better and to be honest, I think pushing the Clippers for the third spot in the West. Bogut is great on both ends, with his defense and his passing above all else.

Lee is a semi superstar this season, Curry likewise and both are very good top two players for a playoff team. Klay is inconsistent, but will only get better with that and is the SG to be kept for now and the forseeable future. Barnes will only get much better and it looks like it is his improvement that will to championship contender if things stay the same and Bogut gets healthy. Jack and Landry are so valuable as backups and have to be kept, as long as they don't make any more money than they currently are. Bring back Rush and you have another good backup. Green and Ezeli are up in tha air as to whether they'll continue to be effectie and if they do, they'll be keepers longterm for cheap as well.

Getting rid of RJ and AB for salary dump is so essential in improving the team, because it will open up the option to maybe sign one other effective player, at least for the short term, as then resigning Klay and Barnes in a few years will be up.

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