Warriors Poised to Acquire a Difference-Maker

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» Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:33 am
Not bad topic. I personally think the team has the pieces to be a top 4 one in the West, but you have to go for that difference maker if he is there.

Though Dwight is a great Center, as has been said, what a loser for team chemistry, I want nothing to do with him, especially how things here are so nice right now.

Tyreke is good, but I'd want him as a 6th man and not for more than 5 million a year either. Some team will offer him more than that so unlikely he'd come here and stay long. He just hasn't shown since his rookie season to be a real star and that means he really isn't a difference maker of immense proportions, not a star type right now. I'd have him though for RJ, with salaries working on both sides.

Gortat and TChandler are interesting, more Gortat for me. I'm a fan of Bogut, but the nba is a place where you have to prove yourself and to be honest, though he has all the tools the team really needs, it is strange to me how the team performed better without him than with him. Maybe other factors have come into play, like fatigue, schedule and slumps for some players, but since returning (and yes he has left again) the team has performed worse. Trading Bogut himself, or letting him expire after next season, and trading for Gortat, who likely wants out of disfunctional looking Phoenix, maybe would be a good move. I don't see Gortat as big enough and effective enough defensively to guard the good Centers, but he seems to have done well this season with that. Maybe AB and future 1st rounder for him would do.

A slasher seems to be needed at the moment, but I think Barnes will be that and Rush, if he is kept, also, maybe Green. Curry and Jack do that enough as well.

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