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» Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:24 pm
Goddaaaaamn, those Blazers announcers were tough to sit through. They must have reiterated that Golden State had gone to their starters against Portland's second string 8 or 9 times in the 4th quarter. Never mind Ezeli sitting, never mind Curry sitting, never mind the fact that Portland had 4 starters play 26 or more minutes (to the Warriors' 2)... CLEARLY, the Warriors were the team overplaying their starters!! :roll:

Also loved hearing them talk about how transparent Barnes is (and what a poor defender he is), how much of a thug Lee is on offense (seriously), and commending Alderidge for fighting through that blow he took from HB (Barnes' back-of-head apparently cheap-shotted LeMarcus' knee). What an insanely FoxNews style broadcast. And I thought Fitz was a homer...
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» Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:08 pm
Couple notes from tonight's Warriors-Clippers game:

- Jeremy Tyler looks lost. On every play. Doesn't try to defend, doesn't really rebound. Just wants to get the ball on offense and make like he's Kevin McHale. He traveled on two consecutive touches tonight.

- Bazemore is a heady defender, but those who suggested he'd replace McGuire as the team's stopper need to pump the breaks. He's skinny and doesn't look like he can guard anything above a 3. Took an impressive charge, got a weak side block, looks like a lanky pest... But he isn't strong at all and all his long range shots missed badly.

- Even with Lee and Ezeli out there, the Warriors look REALLY small without Bogut. And now that Ellis isn't here to equalize it with speed, the Dubs (minus Bogut and Curry) are playing some really ugly basketball. I know we've all said the season rests on those two ankles, but it's not just wins and loses: the team's watchability is at stake. These lineups of Tyler, Jefferson, Jenkins, Bazemore, and Green are absolutely laborious to watch.

- Festus Ezeli is NASTY. New enforcer for sure. Again, I'm not certain he's gonna get the BP40 that Turiaf/Udoh got, but the kid is a monster defender. Fouls hard, doesn't get fooled, jump-defends with his body (and not his hands). A huge advantage he's got on the former backups I mentioned is his low post game: Ezeli clears space like he's moving stuffed animals. Bogut has already anointed him as the strongest guy on the roster. I'm buying it.

- Harrison Barnes is deceptively athletic, scores with contact, and looks like he could evolve into a big time scorer. Paul Pierce start-up kit; not there yet, not even close, but the moves list is there - heavy spin with a defender, side clutch layup with contact, spot up perimeter j's, and an outta nowhere slam for good measure every now and then. Dude won't win RoY, but if we see 12 and 6 outta Barnes, I'll be satisfied. 14 and 7? I'll be a huge believer.

- DLee is an offensive juggernaut. 'Nuff said.

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