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» Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:19 am
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» Fri Mar 20, 2015 11:25 am
Thought I'd resurrect this post, as Barnes, Green, and Ezeli are about 3 years in and will be due for contract extensions shortly. Interesting to see what everybody had to say...

With Bogut's slight decline and the acquisition of Iguodala, it might be easy to say that 8th was right about us taking Drummond (whose blossomed into a monster this season) over Barnes, but I think that's low-hanging fruit at this point. There were several factors at play back in 2012: the Warriors didn't have a serviceable SF when they drafted Barnes, they were getting by on a platoon of old man Jefferson and D-Leaguer McGuire, while Bogut had yet to suit up for them yet, so many were still betting on him being the center of the future in GS. At the time, the pick of Barnes seemed logical and he was definitely the BPA out of the gate (Drummond, as everyone expected, took a couple seasons before he fully developed). For what it's worth, if we had to do it all over again - with hindsight bias - I'd probably agree with 8th in that we've should've taken Drummond. But that opens up a whole other can of worms: if we trade Bogut to develop Drummond, does Iguodala still sign with us since we don't beat Denver via that MONSTER series from Bogut? Does Draymond Green develop into the elite defender he is without a guy like Bogut teaching him to LOVE playing that side of the floor? Do the Warriors find a taker for Biedrins and Jefferson's contract? Sure, with the roster as it is now, I'd trade Barnes for Drummond... but it's definitely not that simple. Lotta other dominoes would fall if we went that route.

For what it's worth, I think I was SPOT-the hell-ON in my scouting reports of the 2012 draft class. I didn't think Barnes had the Pekovic jam in him back then, but I pretty much nailed the rest of the traits these guys are known for. :mrgreen: This thread makes me realize that Blackfoot and 8th are pretty much gone from this place now. That's a shame, as they both brought a ton of insight to the table and I believe they were 2 of the stronger posters we had.
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» Fri Mar 20, 2015 11:25 am
In regards to my scouting reports, I posted these on THE DAY of the draft:

32 wrote:Pick 7 - Harrison Barnes, SF
Initial grade: B+

Barnes was precisely what Warriors fans were hoping would come out of this draft: a starting caliber forward. Sure, the glitzy, immediately gratifying choice for many would have been to trade the pick for a defensive-minded 3, but Barnes is no courtesy-clapping consolation prize: the man is big, strong, and incredibly agile. And for a stacked dude with so much beef on him, he sure knows how to fill it up. Fans of Jason Richardson will love Harrison Barnes; the guy rebounds, he shoots, and he finishes. He's another gun to pair with our already dangerous starting 5 and with HB in tow, I don't know how the Warriors miss the playoffs next year.

Pick 30: Festus Ezeli, C/PF
Initial grade: C+

The main plug for our backup big situation, Ezeli is ready to contribute now with solid shot-blocking instincts and a frame already carrying 264 pounds. Not the rebounder that either Lee or Bogut are, Ezeli can spell either for small periods of time when the Warriors are looking to slow the game down and get a few stops. If nothing else, it's as if we reacquired Epke Udoh... But bigger. Andris Biedrins is officially Mark Jackson's cleaning lady now in the locker room.

Pick 35: Draymond Green, PF/SF
Initial grade: A-

A wildcard pick, but a DAMN good one if his strength can hold up at an NBA level. Green is a mold of player that one seldom sees in the NBA anymore; a Rodney Rogers, an Anthony Mason; the big-bodied 3/4 who has so much fundamental skill, he can step in and run the point for a few possessions a game. He rebounds, he has a midrange jumper best suited for catch-and-shoot pops, and he has a tremendous basketball brain. The biggest reach in the Warriors draft, but if all goes well, Green is an NBA role player waiting to happen who should enjoy a solid 10 year career.

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